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Fear My Thoughts - Volcanus (CD)

Fear My Thoughts
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 29 April 2007, 4:33 PM

This band has already produced four full length albums, some EPs and split releases during the nine years of musical activity. Their discographic efforts have given them the opportunity to perform as an opening act for bands like EXODUS, CALIBAN, HYPOCRISY, THE HAUNTED.
This steady growth rate of their reputation and fan base drew the attention of Century Media Records which offered them a tempting record deal. So, with renewed forces FEAR MY THOUGHTS return with their fifth album entitled Volcanus featuring a fine blend of Thrash and Metalcore elements.

The album dynamically opens Accompanied By Death that clearly states that the band implements the classic Melodic Death Metal approach using the IN FLAMES's perspective. This means aggressive vocals melodic and catchy guitar hooks and some fast neck-wrecking breaks. In order to reinforce the music of the 12 tracks the band has introduced some guest appearances like the voice of Schmier and the six strings of Mike Siffringer  from DESTRUCTION or the keyboards of Kim Olesen from ANUBIS GATE. There are solid Thrash tracks like Blackness and Survival Scars where the guitar leads have the leading role supported by the compact and groovy sound of the fast percussion. The keyboards show up where needed, like in the DARK TRANQUILITY-esque song Gates To Nowhere, adding some points towards music diversity which is hard to find in most of the Melodic Death Metal releases. The mid tempo tracks like Culture Of Fear and Vulcanus come to prove that there is depth in FEAR MY THOUGHTS's music that will potentially lead them to more a personal performing style. The flawless sound production that is a courtesy of Jacob Hansen (MAROON, HATESPHERE, MERCENARY) creates a bone crushing rhythm section (the bass guitar really shines) perfectly mixing all the music elements that the Germans intend to bring in their music.  
Among the album highlights there are the almost melodic Lost In Black and the atmospheric Wasteland that comprise some pretty good guitar leads and solos.The album is definitely well written though there aren't that many fresh ideas especially in the vocals that sometimes sound alittle bit flat. Without any doubt the band has the potentials to go a step further from the flooded Metalcore meets Melodic Death Metal scene and build an impressive biography with albums worth listening and buying.

3 Star Rating

Accompanied by Death
Culture of Fear
Accelerate or Die
Stamp of Credence
Survival Scars
Soul Consumer
Both Blood
Gates to Nowhere
Lost in Black
Norman Lonhard - Drums
Bartosz Wojciechowksi - Bass
Mathias Benedikt von Ockl - Vocals
Patrick Hagmann - Guitar
Markus Ruf - Guitar
Record Label: Century Media


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