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Feary Tales - Feary Tales Award winner

Feary Tales
Feary Tales
by Laura Glover at 31 December 2019, 4:45 AM

FEARY TALES, a self-proclaimed “odd kind of heavy band”, certainly rocks. With the release of their new self-titied EP, we have four songs of Italian metal magic. I, personally, find that Italian metal has some very gothic/romantic connotations and I love it. This album has a mix of both clean and growly vocals as well, some of it in luscious Italian verbiage. FEARY TALES went through several line-up changes before arriving to their current line-up, which I think works well for them. This is definitely my favorite of the two albums I reviewed this week. While it is melodic metal, it is also upbeat hard rock, and gothic emo music.

Ascension #2” - A fast paced song, whose beat hits hard and doesn’t let you go until its hardcore end. Heavy guitar riffs echo with lustful softer chords and haunting vocals. However, don’t let its softer side fool you, this song has a very metal edge to it as well. “Culto della Morte” - This song title translates to “Cult of Death”, and this track is sung in Italian. Which makes it all the more “metal”. However, the Guitar, Bass, and Drums are so melodic and pretty. Supreme darkness looks its finest when clothed in soft beauty. I’ve written before about the beauty of contradictions; soft and hard, dark and light. These contradictions make my favorite sounds. It’s like the velvet glove over the iron fist.

Black 2.0” - Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, USA, specifically the rain forests in Washington State, I vastly appreciate the rain sounds married with this song’s first notes. Rain sounds roll into soft guitar and utter, glorious beauty. This would be my second favorite song on this EP. Following my first favorite song, the one I discuss next. “On the Ducks Neck” - Soft guitar chords lead us into soft and soothing vocals. This is my favorite song, as mentioned. With definite jazz undertones “Your gentle touch, takes my breath away” it tells us. What a feeling, when someone's gentle touch takes our breath away. But when you play about it with metal brutality and sing it with an Italian accent you reach epic proportions.

FEARY TALES is a most interesting band. A cutting-edge foreign production of melodic metal sounds. This band may not be for everyone. This is a band for you if you specialize in melodic metal, or if you’re looking for something new to mix up your playlist from the normal stuff. I love me some melodic/symphonic, foreign metal. This is my favorite place to be in metal, for the reasons I described earlier, the contradictions. Many would not think of the word “metal” and also at the same time add the words “beauty”, “haunting”, “emotional”. In the long run I think this is what “normies” miss the most about our genre, METAL!!!

They hear metal and hear noise, typically described as “screamo”. We hear metal and we FEEL it. Metal will always be some of the most poetic and profound genres of music I know of. This is the exact reason I became a metal enthusiast. It speaks the artistic love of the deepest parts of my heart and soul. Every emotion I have; whether it be joy, pain, happiness, sadness… I can find the perfect corresponding song to express it. This EP is just a taste. I hope FEARY TALES brings us more. Write me Italian gothic romance songs all day please, thank you! P.S. A HUGE shout out for the metal “af” outfits in their videos! I love wicked costumery and frequently attend concerts dressed in my freakish, metal best. Check out the attached video link, see for yourself.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Ascension #2
2. Culto della Morte
3. Black 2.0
4. On the Duck’s Neck
Constantino Perin – Drums and Percussion
Christian Parile – Bass Guitar
Paolo Tabacchetti – Guitars
Marco Chiariglione – Jolly Voices (Clean and Harsh)
Salvo “Ironwill” Dell’Arte - Guitars
Record Label: Buil2Kill Records


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