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Feastem– Graveyard Earth

Graveyard Earth
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 06 April 2020, 11:04 AM

Finnish four man band, FEASTEM return to our ears with the first full-length release in seven years. That of course excludes the 2016 split with TEETHING. The band was formed in the small port town of Raahe, on the northwestern coast of Finland in 2005 with one intent in mind: to play the fastest, most pissed off Grindcore imaginable. Original members Kari (vocals), Antti (bass) and Olli (guitar) soon found a perfect drummer in Patrik and after a couple of releases, Petri Eskelinen took over on vocals. Let’s see what they have for us.

The Rope Calls Your Name” wastes no time before exploding with a mix of melodies and vocals. You can hear the Grindcore aspects mixed up with some Hardcore Punk themes. It’s a furious, frantic start to the album and its under 90 seconds long. Many songs by NAPALM DEATH have gone like this one. Good start. “I Will Never Kill” continues the blastbeat theme laid down. Its just another flurry of fury. There are no real changes in styles coz this song is even shorter, but it is so intense that it doesn’t matter.

Sick” feels like “I Will Never Kill” never ended, but this is a common Grindcore play, to feel like the songs are longer, say 5 – 6 minutes long, but in truth there are 4 or 5 separate songs. This is pure aggression on the vocals here, met with a pulsating harmony from the instrumentalists. “Terror Balance” have a sample start, and this is actually one of the longer songs on the album, with only “Graveyard Earth” going on for longer. Its not as intense as “Sick”, but it still hits the mark you’d be wanting. This one does di down on the pace, but it seems to be trying something new, so it is a welcomed change, more Death Metal vibes than Punk-infused Grindcore.

Sortovalta” is another song over 90 seconds, normally not a rarity, but it is here. It is at a temp with the reduced pace that was on “Terror Balance”, it is controlled very well, so the balance is conducted very well. The only issue is that is not different to what we heard in the previous song, so both songs could have blended together, what they don’t need to do is have as many songs just repeating styles.

Verta ja lihaa” is almost a carbon copy from what we have just heard, only difference here is… I don’t think there is any to start off with, but the melodies in the middle spin away to fill up the harmonies in a more fluid way, it’s a decent idea. Not enough differences to say much else “Creeping Heat” is another frenzied start of pure aggression, its becoming something you can now look past because you know it is the only start you’re likely to hear. The routine speed is now no longer exciting, it doesn’t differ and has become rather boring.

In Isolation We Die” and “Pelon voima” are no different to any other song on this album and anything written is just repeating the rest of the songs. These songs are fine if you put it in the middle of some other Grindcore playlist, but not with this album. “Graveyard Earth” slows things right down to almost Atmospheric Doom levels, which is a nice change to hear from the predictable starters they were doing. The pulsating drums are more apparent in this song and that too is a good addition, the album needed more variety and that’s what it got in this song.

Spreading Darkness” is back to the frenzied start of pure aggression that we heard for most of the last few songs. The song is going back to nothing really new, once more which is disappointing because after “Graveyard Earth”, I was thinking they’d spice things up, try new things. I was wrong. “Mouths of Others” also follows suit in the sound of the album and being different in no real way at all.

Turha toivo” has a different riff sound to start, but instead of going anywhere the song reverts back to what we have heard all through this album on average. Disappointing. Plus the song is 38 seconds long, what’s the point or reason? “Kurjuuden kuningas” follows suit too. “Outro” is just a pointless ending for sound. Is there any real difference in 75% of the songs? No. does this make for a great Grindcore album? Not really. Would it be far better with a few twists and turns? 100% yes. Are the songs still going to fit into many Grindcore playlists? Yes.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. The Rope Calls Your Name
2. I Will Never Kill
3. Sick
4. Terror Balance
5. Sortovalta
6. Verta ja lihaa
7. Creeping Heat
8. In Isolation We Die
9. Pelon voima
10. Graveyard Earth
11. Spreading Darkness
12. Mouths of Others
13. Turha toivo
14. Kurjuuden kuningas
15. Outro
Petri Eskelinen – Lead Vocals
Olli Nokkala – Guitars
Niko Lainas – Bass Guitar
Patrik Fält – Drums
Record Label: Lixiviat Records


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Edited 23 March 2023

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