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Federal Charm - Passenger

Federal Charm
by Craig Rider at 17 October 2018, 3:08 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: FEDERAL CHARM; signed via Wire-sound Records, hailing from England - performing Rock ‘N’ Roll/Blues, on their 3rd album entitled: “Passenger” (released on 14th of September, 2018).

Since formation in 2011; the quintet in question have 2 albums behind them, I am introduced to their 3rd album entitled: “Passenger”. 11 tracks ranging at around 40:39; FEDERAL CHARM arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Hard Rock ‘N’ Roll developments, “Swing Singer” begins the record - conveying boistrously bouncy catchiness with a groovy aesthetic of psychedelic-jazz amalgamations. The deceiving element was the opening, which started off with a doomy injection - until flamboyantly old-school ramifications jam the joint. The contrast here is fuelled with feel-good harmonies in which are culminated with elegantly exquisite rhythms with some concretely gritty charms and melodies that flair with meticulous technicalites, demonstrating progressively persistent stability.

Consisting of vocalist Tom Guyer; the frontman consistently distributes complex, clean singing as the voicebox vehemently rises with high-pitched pipes of raw rambunctiousness. “Choke” excels with dextrous efficiency from guitarist Paul Bowe; who establishes blistering & profusely robust thunder, as “Emerald Haze” embellishes on hardened riffs and solos that generates a slight atmospheric ambiency to it. Powerhouse bassist L.D. Morawski batters his axe with diversely dynamic creativity, crafted with crunchy implementation as “Death Rattle” experiments with faster finesse - still converged with mid-tempo manifestations with a grandiose granduer of diligently composed energy and expertise – nothing too extreme here, instead there is an abundant amount of enlightening and fulfilling instrumental musicianship going on.

Hammering drummer Josh Zahler batters his set with pummelling salubriousness, as the epic “Nowhere Is Home” delivers distinctive orchestrations that captivate me with enjoyable entertainment. “Get Through” embodies empowering musicality with jumpy, rampaging stampedes - portraying gripping hooks with bluesy variety. Showcasing constructively distinguished expertise which flow with detail and unprecedented results, ultilizing unparalled components with uniquely rocking skill. “Concrete Creature” supplies rapidly swift nimblebess; that engages on fluidly polished sound production proficiencies, articulated with ambitious songwriting memorability - all fused with special sophistication. “Can’t Rule Me” efficaciously & effectively compiles differentiated characteristics with similar shines, uplifted with weighted punchline prominence.

The borderline foundation is full of silver lining inventfulness, as “Halo” rewards the listener with vastly prodegious movements of immense magnitudes. “Speak Out” advances these incentives, amped with wildly rushing wickedness and fruitful flair. Overall concluding “Passenger” with the equally conceptual finale of “Parting Words”; I discovered a fresh and relishing band who certainly outdone themselves here.

Bottom line - simply worth checking out.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Originality: 9
Sound Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Swing Singer
2. Choke
3. Emerald Haze
4. Death Rattle
5. Nowhere Is Home
6. Get Through
7. Concrete Creature
8. Can’t Rule Me
9. Halo
10. Speak Out
11. Parting Words
Tom Guyer - Vocals
Paul Bowe - Guitars
L.D. Morawski - Bass
Josh Zahler - Drums
Record Label: Wire-Sound Records


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