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Fejd - Storm (CD)

by Maria Kallinikou at 24 March 2009, 5:09 PM

The Rimmerfors brothers joined together with their childhood friends Lennart, Thomas and Esko, who are members of the bands PATHOS and NOSTRADAMEUS, and formed FEJD (which means feud) in 2001. In eight years they released three demos, I En Tid Som Var (2002), Huldran (2004) and Eld (2006). Storm is their first album from Napalm Records.

What we have here with is a pure Nordic medieval folk band. Push play and the time machine will take you back in those medieval years, suddenly you find yourself in a forest moving towards a village fair. I cannot get much about the lyrics as they are in Swedish or ancient Nordic dialect, I suppose, but they give mostly the impression of dealing with epic themes. Storm is full with sounds of the past. In achieving that, it is the instruments that contribute, bagpipes, moraharpa, hurdy-gurdy(!), instruments that compile perfectly with each other.

Just because the members of FEJD have a Metal background does not make automatically FEJD a Metal band. They are plain folk/pagan with everything needed to support the genre, fiddle, harp, flute, bagpipes and no electric guitars. The mist of the fjords, sometimes the nostalgic atmosphere and sometimes epic sound, are met in songs that prepare you either for the battlefield, the anxiety before the war, or for the victory celebration. In Alvorna Dansar I could say that is the best track of the album , the most melodic, in which catalytic role play the female vocals and is the only track  that moves to a more powerful sense.

The production is clear and ideal for the genre. The vocals of Patrik though are most of the time out of tune and hoarse. Maybe for this album it is not such a negative issue as perhaps it makes you think that a villager or a warrior from those ancient years is narrating. If you are planning to wander a mountain, Storm will be a good companion.

3 Star Rating

Alvorna Dansar
Vid Jore A
Egils Polska
Varg i Veum
Patrik Rimmerfors - Vocals, Bouzouki, Swedish Bagpipe, Jew's Hard, Hurdy-Gurdy, Cow Antler, Willow Pipe
Niklas Rimmerfors - Moraharpa, Vocals
Lennart Specht - Keyboards
Thomas Antonsson - Bass
Esko Salow - Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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