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Felgrave – A Waning Light

A Waning Light
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 27 December 2020, 10:01 AM

FELGRAVE is a solo Death/Doom project from Norway, in which M. L. Jupe writes and performs all instruments and vocals. M. L. Jupe was previously based in Australia, and released Black Metal under the Dead Hills project name, using Weaver as a pseudonym. “Millennium Shroud” leads off the album. It’s a 15-minute beast. Opening with howling winter winds, the main riff is lumbering and powerful. Eerie tones linger in the background. The vocals are vile…guttural at times while high screams at others. Clean guitars usher in a slightly faster pace, and a bit of melody. The harsh vocals return along with a riff that moves well. It slows again, and the harsh vocals are particularly harrowing here. The guitars build this sad tone.

“The Borrower” also begins with howling winds, and these wonderful bass guitar notes. The opening riff is a little more linear here, like something you might hear outside the genre of Doom Metal. A clean guitar and vocal passage springs up but it is soon replaced by a devastating riff that crushes everything around it. It picks up in pace around the half-way mark, with some double-time drumming. Some great bass notes come in towards the end, and it ends on a flurry of sounds.

“Summer’s Widow” is a quick, two-minute song that helps to break up the heavier sound of the previous tracks. It’s just some clean guitars with despondent tones, and a little ambiance in the background. “Withered Years” opens with both clean and distorted guitars, dropping to depths unimaginable. The vocals are quite angry, with a raspy edge. It picks up in pace again, and then drops to some melodic ambient tones that are quite dark, ending with tortured screams. “Oracular” it a twelve-minute closer. The song starts slowly but begins to pick up. There is some variation in the riffing as well. Just before the half-way mark, it begins its descent into madness. The riff then begins to climb a bit, with some haste. It ends with some spacy tones.

This isn’t your average Doom/Death band. Composer M.L. Jupe invokes a lot of different sounds here and it keeps the listener on their toes. There are even some moments of melody here, which is unusual for the genre as well. But at its core, it is deep, dark and fierce, with vocals that would scare a grown man to death, some inventive bass guitar work, and an overload of dark riffs that leave an immediate impact with their might and power.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Millennium Shroud
2. The Barrower
3. Summer’s Widow
4. Withered Years
5. Oracular
M.L. Jupe – Everything
Record Label: Personal Records


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