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Felicia - Feel Good Songs For Oblivion

Feel Good Songs For Oblivion
by John Foley at 07 March 2022, 6:07 AM

FELICIA is self-described as “DIY electrical flavored punky grime served on a bed of metal”. With an E.P released back in 2020 “Feel Good Songs For Oblivion” marks the first full length album for FELICIA which was unleased unto the world in February 2022. FELICIA also happens to be taken part in the Metal To The Masses competition in Leeds this year which gives bands a chance to play the Bloodstock Festival, so totally one to watch out there.

With “Intro (Oblivion)” you can sense the count down to this emending doom has begun. Some sinister vibes from the start and almost chaotic too. This sets us up for what is to come and leads us to “Pathetic Twisted Fruit”. Right from the start there is a solid beat with the bass and a cool guitar lick then comes in. The vocals then come in to take control of the tune and the synths work well with the guitar work. Sinister but slightly provocative is what I got from this one.

Next up we got “Revolution Business” and there is a nice flow to this one with a bit of energy to it. The chorus did take me by surprise as I wasn’t expecting the growls and harsh vocals with the heavy riffing. The guitar work here is pretty good and the songs lyrics seem to act as a mission statement. After that we got “Gammon Lumps” and this track wastes no time and just kicks off right away. A nice rocking riff, cool bass lines and a nice groove with the heavy riffs make this one up to be a cool song. It is very in your face with what it wants to show and the vocals are venomous in accompanying the tracks lyrical content.

Drums kick off “She Who Thirsts” which is joined by rocking guitars. This tune is provocative and a little sleazy too which makes for a tune to get people moving. Cool drumming throughout and the song really stomps along. This one changes up a bit as it goes on and keeps things interesting for the listener. The guitars ring out as the synths goes on and with this we got the final track here which is “Blissgiver”. Lead guitar lines stir the song it its direction but this is a very synth heavy track. The vocals here once again commands the song. Heavy guitars come in to help play the song out with a final message to “Listen to your heart”.

FELICIA knew how to keep things interesting from listening to “Feel Good Songs For Oblivion”. It is like industrial with a punk and metal foundation, at times this is industrial, then rock and then metal as there are a lot of different styles present throughout this album. The lyrics here (now I could be wrong so apologies if I am) seem to tackle immorality within society. What the vocals do well here is she knows what style to use for the right section and how to deliver it with the lyrics, at times the vocals are venomous, harsh and heavy or even just straight to the point but they do grab your attention. FELICIA is an act that knows exactly what she wants to be and doesn’t give a fuck if you like it or not.

Memorability: 7
Musicianship: 8
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Intro (Oblivion)
2. Pathetic Twisted Fruit
3. Revolution Business
4. Gammon Lumps
5. Those Eyes
6. She Who Thirsts
7. Seeds
8. Corona Isis
9. Blissgiver
Felicia – Vocals and Song Composition
Rick Walker – Guitar, Drum Programming and Synth Composition
Record Label: Independent


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