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Fell Ruin - Cast In Oil The Dressed Wrought Award winner

Fell Ruin
Cast In Oil The Dressed Wrought
by Asley O'Brien at 20 January 2023, 2:05 PM

Cast in Oil the Dressed Wrought” is the third album from Detroit Michigan’s very own black metal band, FELL RUIN. In this album, FELL RUIN exemplifies storytelling in music, with dramatic, sprawling overtures, understated melodies, and haunting tunes.

Epitomizing how sexy and subversive black metal can be, the title track, “Cast in Oil the Dressed Wrought,” starts the album hot. The opening guitar riff uses dissonance to pull the listener into the story of the song. At eight minutes, the song has multiple sections, some more intense than others, some more “musical” than others, but it all comes together to create an incredible metal soundscape. The song is filled with fast drums but comes across as a slow burn. At about two minutes, the song turns. It feels heavier, sludgier, accentuated with short, quick guitar squeals. The song turns again about the four-minute mark, to a slow melody filled with intense beauty at the behest of ghostly synth sounds. This song is a beast.

Sightless Amongst the Weavers” is even more incredible. Slow, but unrelenting, this song- nearly 10 minutes long- is quite the journey. The guitar is haunting and moody, foreboding something wicked on the way. The rhythm and melody are the heart of this, as the guitar riffs undulate, up and down, carrying the listener away into dangerous lands. The voice is ghostly growls. Vocalist Brian Shehan adds a particularly ghostly voice to this song, encapsulating the terrifying mood of the song. Listeners will get carried away as the guitar, bass and drums increase in intensity, strength, and speed as the song goes on.

Stain the Field” is quite catchy, the kind of fast-paced, high-energy song that listeners will love banging their head to. The song is moody, and the band members exhibit masterful use of dissonance to make a solid black metal sound.

Finally, the album draws to a close with “The Burning Spire.” higher energy than much of the album, the song has great rhythm and melody, but is still very dark in tone and imagery. The song utilizes super intense drums and fascinating chord progressions, along with just a little cacophony to create an unstoppable headbanger. Then, at 3 minutes, everything gets stripped down to an intense moment in the song - an uncomfortable darkness that is both interesting and pretty. Before long, the song is building back, adding more and more intensity until the guitar is wailing the same riff that was just stripped bare and beautiful, as if egging you on.

Cast In Oil the Dressed Wrought” is an incredible album filled with music that will haunt you while you bang your head. If you love your metal deep and beautiful, or find the darkness irresistible, this album is for you.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability:  9
Production:  10

5 Star Rating

1. Cast In Oil the Dressed Wrought
2. Fixation
3. Patronage of the Gutted Man
4. Sightless Amongst the Weavers
5. Stain the Field
6. The Burning Spire
August Krueger – Drums
Jeff McMullen – Bass
Robert Radtke – Guitars, Synths
Brian Sheehan – Vocals, Lyrics, Synths
Record Label: Death Psalm


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