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Fell Ruin - Devices

Fell Ruin
by Mike Coyle at 07 June 2015, 10:58 PM

Today we have a band that shares the branches of extremity and darkness alike, with sounds of incredible might, and intense mental visuals comes FELL IN with “Devices”.

"The Climb" The start of this track bellows sounds from the near vanishing plains which then kicks in with full force and anger creating what is the songs base and the idea of what this song is in its own way, it can be found that the band share some traits from many other bands to which would have inspired the band to begin with as there are indeed some sounds from WATAIN and a tone of Mayhem in it's interior creating what is the bands sound from the vocals down to thee drums and the bass tones that are being used for this, it feels to me that with a track like this to open the record you are definitely going to attract the right attention from different people.

“The Accord” I will say that for this one track alone the high pitch at the beginning really makes a statement to where it wakes you up I tell you, but even still from the start of when the band kicks in to it we have a very Doom like sound coming from these guys, almost reminds me of ELECTRIC WIZARD funny enough but with an added boot to where we have the Doom like guitar tones and a Black Metal vocal tone complimenting each other quite nicely I would say. It does feel like FELL RUIN have taken ideas from different aspects of the Metal sound and boosted them using their own sense of sound and creativity.

“The Hundr” a little something different for this track is no surprise as we have seen so far with the previous tunes showing that the band have truly been able to create an ideal sound and sense of nature to their release Devices, for this though which is a shame for me is that it is only just an into, imagining this was a full song I would have really dug into it and enjoyed what else would have come from it but sadly nay.

“The Turn” continuing from the previous this track starts off fast with a few interesting bass parts added along side making this both different but also the more Black metal tune of this record as there are all sorts of traits I have noticed this band use but most definitely The most used sound and structure these guys use is a classic Blackened sound to which shows how deep the band have gone in creating something so different yet so familiar at the same time. The track is strong and performs to the needs of the band and the listener creating a unique style of aggressive chords and drum beats that take vicious to a new level. To conclude I feel that this release is strong and shows what you would want to expect from a band like FELL RUIN, at the same time I feel that there is still room to grow into this new flesh for these guys and I wish them the best in their journey as a band.

4 Star Rating

1. The Climb
2. The Accord
3. The Hundr
4. The Turn
Jeff McMullen - Bass
Rob Radtke - Guitar
August Krueger - Drums
Brian Sheehan - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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