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Fell Voices - Regnum Saturni

Fell Voices
Regnum Saturni
by Keith Joshua Ham at 30 May 2013, 1:25 PM

FELL VOICES is the sort of group you listen to over and over, yet you’ll probably never quite know why that is. Known for their ‘intensely unique live shows’ the trio has somehow managed to record the might of their primordial emotion within a winding guttural 2LP release titled REGNUM SATURNI – a utterly massive album, featuring songs upwards of twenty plus minutes, which pushes the realities of music into metaphysical territory.

To scarcely label this release, it is Pure Black Metal at heart. Though, after listening to it… one would barely be able to call it that. This genre ambiguity is at absolutely no detriment to FELL VOICES, however. REGNUM SATURNI is fiercely unique to the point of complete and utter bewilderment. There is absolutely no comparison to the gut-wrenching screams which will emit from whichever system you chose to experience this with. No other band I’ve listened to seems to be so fully committed to expressing such pure emotion through harsh sound – or at least none so successful.

Sadly, despite the praise I’m giving FELL VOICES and REGNUM SATURNI is most certainly not for everyone. Being as the sound, at times, is just that – sound, noise – people who like clear cut force won’t find any love for this release. As the clearest connection to pure Black Metal REGNUM SATURNI actually shares is its recording quality, you’ll often experience a flurry of muddled sound – which to me, serves it well – but it may turn some others away.

The cover of REGNUM SATURNI serves the concept of this album well. A swirling black hole, consuming all… I couldn’t imagine anything more fitting. So, if you are one which feels the need to tread into newer, weird, or different music I highly recommend FELL VOICES amazing effort with REGNUM SATURNI. Though, if you are expecting something a little clearer cut – you won’t find that here.

4 Star Rating

1. Flesh From Bone
2. Emergence
3. Dawn
Joseph - Bass, Vocals
Mike - Drums, Vocals
Tucker - Guitars
Record Label: Gilead Media


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