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Fellowship – The Saberlight Chronicles Award winner

The Saberlight Chronicles
by Will Travers at 31 July 2022, 10:52 PM

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I am SO looking forward to this week’s review. I’ll be entirely honest, I picked this out from our catalogue of albums just because I crammed in the New Blood Stage and Bloodstock Open Air 2021 to see the EPIC FELLOWSHIP completely blast away the packed crowd with their own brand of Power Metal before some other band, I’m not sure… I think they were called GLORYHAMMER were playing the main next door. Well, this album, their debut album has been a long time coming, with successful EP and Single releases, laying the path to “The Saberlight Chronicles”. Really, I shouldn’t waste any more time and lets get stuck right in. The artwork is as fantastic as I would have hoped, really bold and strong colours to help accentuate the imagery.

Opening is “Until The Fires Die” and whilst at first it might sound like something far fetched from Power Metal, just give it a little while for those powerful chords and melodic runs to carry you away. Matthew’s soft edged, yet powerful vocals really help to polish the musicality of this track. I mean, honestly – LISTEN TO THAT RANGE. The structure and flow of the track is seamless as it moves between sections and breaks with each showing the utterly superb musicianship of all members. “Atlas” continues this styling on, rolling on as the record propels at a furious speed, but the intricacies of the instrumentals are just sublime throughout. “Glory Days” really is the album’s focal point for me – if you want to know who FELLOWSHIP are, then make sure that you check this track out. Intense and sweeping melodies wash over you and the feelgood vocal line is the icing on this rich cake.

The tracks continue their impressive structure, with flashes of DRAGONFORCE coming through in “Oak And Ash” or even SABATON (not the historic storytelling as such but more of a feeling to the music) in “Hearts Upon The Hill”. But what strikes me the most about this Young group is just the impressive maturity that permeates through every chord and note. Really there isn’t much else to say on the music, it just oozes positivity and fills me with joy right to my core with every note and this is an effect I feel from every track – I would implore any fan of music to be sure to get FELLOWSHIP on your radar.

Overall, this is an utterly superb record album, and whilst it isn’t flawless and there are always work on points, I would be staring into the minutiae to discern them for FELLOWSHIP’s “The Saberlight Chronicles”. To say this is their debut album, and having seen them build off the back of last year’s successes then it seems the sky is the limit for this young band from… Essex?! Really?! I guess being from Kent and living in Yorkshire I should mark them down for that, but that’d be unfair… I think…

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Until The Fires Die
2. Atlas
3. Glory Days
4. Oak And Ash
5. Hearts Upon The Hill
6. Scars And Shrapnel Wounds
7. The Hours Of Wintertime
8. Glint
9. The Saint Beyond The River
10. Silhouette
11. Still Enough
12. Avalon
Matthew Corry – Vocals
Brad Wosko – Guitar
Sam Browne – Guitar
Daniel Ackerman – Bass
Callum Tuffen – Drums
Record Label: Scarlet Records


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