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Fen - Winter

by Jussi Gough at 03 April 2017, 9:36 AM

This album is a total kaleidoscope of dark corners into the soul of the band, not so much melodic melancholy, but the desire to create something out of dark matter that reaches into the light that which brings us into “Winter”. Twists and turns like tree branches that spread out into spectrums of coiled guitar rhythms and distorted vocals, such beautiful change of seasons each songs displayed by FEN. Dreamy atmospheric trance like melodies awaken one into a sea of oblivion washing upon the shores of the listeners mental landscape that paints a picture of divine tranquility.

One can honestly say there comes a band out of nowhere, or somewhere for that fact, that changes how you listen to music in that exact moment. FEN is just that, but how? Cannot pinpoint as to what it is that makes this “Winter” utterly unique but their style along with tempos create a space that somehow opens up the third eye. Picture the song “Winter II (Penance)” as a distance place within conjuring lamented guitar harmonies that haunt the surrounding daylight only to give way to shattering melodies that awaken you. The song is powerfully charged with a slight touch of past ULVER and CODE. Perfect example of a true artist that can forge intensity into its serene music background now this is what FEN is all about.

FEN produces some surprising tunes that have more of a personal story unfolding which upon careful listening can be heard from beginning to end. Each song in its entirety has its own interesting complexities that cannot be replicated thus “Winter” is riveting beyond description. Example of this can be heard on “Winter III (Fear)” where the build up strikes chords of guitar fury along with the concentrated rhythm section showing a true unstoppable force. Vocal guitarist "The Watcher" displays passionate singing that can be brutal, yet, with this approach, makes his style somehow accommodating to the emotion that is expressed vocally.

Would also have to say there is an allure about FEN that is becoming. What that becoming is lies in the music that is arranged where each track flows between one another so fluid like the essence always remains. “Winter's” production is perfected tailored to FEN's melodious sound, that almost echoes haunting imagery into the music environment which is beautiful. FEN are one of those bands that create memorable music that seems to embrace the deepest aspects of what one is and unleashes those forces unto life through their music. For me this band is a rarity musically that is dynamic yet interest at the same time. "Winter" overall is an untold story waiting for those who can be true to the self and own their own darkest secrets.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Winter I (Pathway)
2. Winter II (Penance)
3. Winter III (Fear)
4. Winter IV (Interment)
5. Winter V (Death)
6. Winter VI (Sight) 
The Watcher - Vocals, Guitars
Grungyn - Bass, Vocals
Havenless - Drums
Record Label: Code666 Records


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