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Feradur - Legion Award winner

by Quinten Serna at 30 June 2019, 10:51 PM

Borne from Luxembourg, “Feradur” delivers unto the world passages of overwrought and manic Death Metal, circling itself around the themes of the fragility of the human mind, Gnosticism, and the human condition as a whole. Focusing on a more melodic approach to Death Metal they manage in delivering a listening experience both unique and captivating with their sophomore album, “Legion.”

The album opens with the progression laden track “Deus (Finis Saeculorum)” which translates into English as “God—or Deity—(The End of the World); the song preaches the advent of the end of times painting in the ideas of destitution and heresy with lines referencing a war between the descendants of titans and the folly of human endeavors. The bleakness of prescribed and inevitable obsolescence sounds itself as a favorite trend of the band, wriggling its way into a good amount of topics from the band as seen in such tracks as “Holy Fire,” “Omen of Incompleteness,” “Maelstrom,” and “Fake Creator.”

The sacrosanct niceties of conventional music are dismissed with prejudice within this album instead focusing intensely on contrasting guttural vocals and eldritch transitive harmonies; the band exemplifies itself in the construction of a larger sound, despite the formation of 5 members they manage in making their soundscape much more grand and encompassing. Another strength of the album is the diversity of composition riddled throughout the tracks, as each one is different in its own right, yet still easy to tell that it comes from the sound band. The ending track “Into the Stygian Depths” takes a complete 180 as a torrent of noise segues in the somber drums and harmonious acoustics as some strings later join in for a leading riff. “Of Greater Deeds” starts up with a slow melancholic and dissonant guitar lead in before the band joins in, the song speeds up gradually without divulging  much from its origin or completely changing the drive of the song into something else entirely; the shrill vocals perfectly contrast the grittiness and disharmony of the guitars.

Feradur” is a unique experience culminated in uncharted waters braving the tumultuous wrath of Death Metal; unbridled and unchanging they meet all vestiges of adversity with opened arms and a penchant for triumph over forsaken obsolescence—whereupon they have neither worry nor semblance of apprehension as their niche of creation is worn upon their souls in pride; no folly or failure is ascribed to their ventures having themselves—apart from a small lineup change—been going strong since 2006 with this item being their sophomore album set 4 years upon their initial full length debut. Any person of interest that stems anywhere within the increasingly ill-defined avenues of Thrash, Speed, and Death Metal will find solace and drive in listening to this band as their newest release is one that should not be missed.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Deus (Finis Saeculorum)
2. A Hadean Task
3. Kolssus
4. Holy Fire
5. Omen of Incompleteness
6. Fake Creator
7. Of Greater Deeds
8.  The Night They Were Taken
9. Amplification Monolith
10. Maelstrom
11. Into Stygian Depths
Firtjof “Fridge ov Dvvm” Kielgast - Bass
“D-” Mich Weber - Drums
Mich “Thunder” Strock - Guitars
Dan “Nina Edelgod” Gloden - Guitars
Mario Hann - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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