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Feral - For Those Who Live In Darkness

For Those Who Live In Darkness
by Chelsea Jennings at 31 May 2015, 6:10 PM

FERAL is a solo Black Metal Act. FERAL writes music from a part of an untamed beast within. FERAL is ferocious, wild, and free, and the beast feeds on emotion, solitude, and mystery. The latest release from FERAL titled "For Those Who Live In Darkness" is out now.

FERAL's name alone says a lot about the type of music that J. Feral plays. While it must be noted that the musical quality of the content on "For Those Who Live In The Dark" is not too terrible. Some of it is actually pretty good such as the huge guitar solos that open tracks like "Dethroning Your King" or "Entering Darkness". Some of the tunes are dark and heavy, and other tunes are almost symphonic in nature. Other tracks like "Nocturnal Queen" examples of the tracks that are thundering, heavy, and very "metal" in sound. Breakneck-paced guitar rhythms and and drumbeats add more flavor to the album.

The vocals on the other hand leave a lot to be desired. Most of the vocals on the album are nothing more than J. Feral screaming — no — wailing and yelling into a microphone. It's very difficult to understand even a word of what is being said. It takes a lot of the enjoyment out of the music when it cannot be understood what they are saying and nothing more than feral screams seem to be the entire lyrical content of the album. The sounds are almost animal-like rather than anything that represents the heavy music we all love and enjoy.

FERAL does successfully paint a dark, depressing image, which is the main point of the act. However, its largely limited when only one person can play instruments or sing in a solo-act such as J. Feral has started. The wailing and squealing vocals further limit and oftentimes derail the act from really being able to make something the listener wants to hear. At times its too noisy to enjoy the potentially brilliant musical content that the latest release "For Those Who Live In Darkness" may otherwise appreciate. Unfortunately, this is likely an act that most fans will have to "pass" rather than "cash in" on.

1 Star Rating

1. Deterioration Of The Mind
2. Dethroning Your King
3. Entering Darkness
4. Nocturnal Queen
5. The Curse
6. The Forgotten Beauty
7. Weeping Earthbound Spirit
J. Feral - Vocals & All Instruments
Record Label: Cyclone Empire Records


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