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Feral - From The Mortuary

From The Mortuary
by Lauren Fonto at 04 January 2017, 10:35 PM

FERAL has now reached its “teen years”, having been around since 2003. The veteran heavy metal crew which makes up the band cut their teeth playing for DARKCREED, ARMAGEDDA, SANGRE and BLODSKALD. From humble beginnings in the small Swedish town of Norsjö, they’ve since toured Europe extensively.

The sinister, yet well-drawn artwork is a sign of things to come; a sign of a sinister journey which may leave you crushed underfoot if you don’t keep up. “Reborn in the Morgue” is a powerful track with catchy main riffs. There’s a sinister-sounding solo near the beginning from guitarist Markus Lindahl, while drummer Roger Markström produces some deadly blast beats. David Nilsson gives a potent performance on vocals, with a dynamic vocal range – he isn’t a one-note sort of growler.

Besides the above-mentioned track, new songs include “The Hand of the Devil”, “The Cult of the Head” and “The Rite”. The main riffs are well-crafted, and the guitar solos added some interest where they were used. I particularly liked Markström’s drumming on “The Cult of the Head”; his blast beating is ferocious, and his slower drumming is precise. Viktor Klingstedt’s bass has a fat tone, rounding out the band’s crushing attack well.

The last third of the album consists of a re-recorded and re-arranged version of “Necrofilthiac”, as well as a well-done cover of doom band PENTAGRAM’s song “Relentless”. The former has the same full low end as the new tracks, and crunchy, satisfying riffs. I liked the harmonized guitar riffs, and the booming tom rolls. FERAL’s version of “Relentless” stays true to the form of the original, but the band have put their own stamp this cover version. The cover also has a tasty bassline and a great opening solo.

FERAL has put out an album that has a sinister atmosphere, but which doesn’t rely on over-the-top, gimmicky gore to make a point. I hope they put out a longer album of new material in future, because there’s some really good stuff going on here.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Hand of the Devil
2. Reborn in the Morgue
3. The Cult of the Head
4. The Rite
5. Necrofilthiac (2016 re-recording)
6. Relentless (PENTAGRAM cover)
David Nilsson – Vocals
Viktor Klingstedt – Bass
Markus Lindahl – Guitar
Roger Markström – Drums 
Record Label: Cyclone Empire


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