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Feral Lord - Purity of Corruption Award winner

Feral Lord
Purity of Corruption
by Suicide Cliff at 12 October 2021, 6:19 AM

FERAL LORD has unequivocally epitomized the essence of raw black metal in their first full length album “Purity of Corruption”.  First I just want to say the drumming by Cave Ritual is just phenomenal. In a world full of over processed samples and perfect machine programmed timing it is so refreshing to hear someone absolutely destroy the drums with raw skill. From the very first riffs of the album I knew it was going to be a grisly nightmare of an experience (In a good way) and was going to be another awesome discovery.

“Terrestrial Obstructions” starts off with some dissonant feedback and a disjointedly rhythmic kick drum but soon smashes you in the face with a groovy as hell and menacing intro riff.  The blast beats follow as they interplay with moments of intensity and headbang inducing interludes.  Also to spice things up they throw in some cacophonous waltz time signature madness in there as well.  All the while the screeching black metal vocals do well to add to the glut of despicable depravity. There’s some lead guitar work which is haunting and disturbing but not so flashy as to draw attention away from the overall gloomy and destructive thesis of the piece.  It’s a very well written and executed song.

The title track “The Purity of Corruption” is an epic summary of the entire album in my opinion.  It’s more on the atmospheric side in the beginning of the song conjuring images of still woods in the dead of night.  Stumbling through the darkness you find an obscene ritual worship of depravity and filth.  Despite being utterly disgusting and vile there’s an eerie bliss that envelops you.  How can something so detestable be so pure?  FERAL LORD does well to embody this sentiment and it is displayed as massacred viscera for all to see.

My favorite track on the album is “Sinister Exultation”.  A foreboding melody is laid atop the reverberating power chords which leave the listener in anticipation of the certain chaos to ensue.  The lead guitar work accent the riffs and rhythms in a beautifully disturbing fashion.  It’s easy for me to get lost in what the hell is happening music theory wise which is what I love.  I find predictable music a tad boring and this song has me tripping and stumbling trying to keep up.  It’s what makes a song addicting to me because I like to listen to it over and over to understand exactly what is happening.  However my favorite section of the song is the simple riff that is so catchy and memorable it makes you want more of it.  You’ll know it when you hear it cause you’ll find yourself windmill headbanging in the middle of the supermarket much to the dismay of the other patrons.  It’s also the ending riff of the song and what an ending I must say.

FERAL LORD absolutely has blown me away with this album and I find myself yearning to listen to it randomly throughout the day.  If you love black metal as I do then you MUST listen to this album.  I’m so glad that I was lucky enough to have discovered it and you will be too.

Songwriting:  10
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  10
Production:  9

5 Star Rating

1. Terrestrial Obstructions
2. Undead Warlord
3. The Purity of Corruption
4. Failed Rebirths
5. Chasm of Horror
6. Sinister Exultation
7. In the Realm of the Feral Lord
Cave Ritual - Drums
Nythroth - Strings, Vocals
Record Label: Vargheist Records


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