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Feretrum - From Far Beyond (Reissue)

From Far Beyond (Reissue)
by Emily Coulter at 31 October 2013, 8:14 PM

Spanish Grindcore / Death Metal group FERETRUM was only around for 6 years, releasing two demo's and one full length release, ''From Far Beyond'' was originally released on cassette tape to a limited number but re-released this year through Memento Mori.

The band have obvious elements of early ENTOMBED and MORBID ANGEL particularly in the thrash riffs, this album is nothing like the previous two demo's and it's now even better listening quality with the re-release.

''From Far Beyond'' opens up with ''Carnal Destruction''. It begins with a gloomy atmospheric dripping noise, the kind you would here if you was stuck in a dungeon. It's obvious that this band was formed in the deepest darkest pits of hell, if Satan had a band then this would be it. The vocals are groggy but frightening, with fast drums and even faster thrash riffs.

Title track from ''From Far Beyond'' is echoed with cathedral bells throughout the song to give the eerie feeling. The riffs are fast and are the perfect soundtrack to any horror film. It wouldn't be possible to head bang to this without breaking your neck.

''Internal Decomposition'' opens up with a distorted build up into slow a slow sludge and grind mix. Rafa obviously knows how to amplify his horror metal vocals, giving you multiple chills down your spine whilst Juan Arevalo Vargas's drumming accompanies you. Every song on the band's full length could be a soundtrack to a horror film, this could easily be the soundtrack to ''The Ring''

''Usurpation of Souls'' isn't the best track on the album but it really shows how well Roger Vallalta can perform in a death metal song. His solo nearing the end of the song brings out all the good it has rather than being a boring generic piece. The same applies to ''Visceral Anatomies'', another weak song till Vallata takes hold with his death metal riffs what quickly changes it to a hard grind track.

''Chaotic Homily'' is the worst track on the full length, the riffs and drum fills feel like they have been extracted from other songs on the album and all they have done is change the lyrics, it is extremely alike in the last previous songs: dull till there is a small solo then it's back to dull again.

''Euthanasy'' is a change from the last three songs, packed with many punches it's a real head banger thrash track. The song hold a lot of doom thrash riffs, giving back its horror vibe. Vargas's drumming with an extreme use of cymbals creates a ringing in your ears.

''Vitea Fobia'' sounds very close to any CARCASS track on the ''Necrotism: Discanting The Insalubrious'. Everything sounds close to it apart from the low, growling and distorted vocals.

Hopefully due to the re-release of the album the band will get some of the recognition it deserves. This is a great band with a distinctive horror grind sound. The production could have been a lot better but any Grindcore fan would adore this album.

3 Star Rating

1. Carnal Destruction
2. From Far Beyond
3. Internal Decomposition
4. Usurpation of Souls
5. Visceral Anatomies
6. Chaotic Homily
7. Euthanasy
8. Vitae Fobia
Rafa – Vocals
Roger Vallalta – Guitar
Maes Brenes – Bass
Juan Arevalo Vargas – Drums
Record Label: Memento Mori


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