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Ferium - Reflections Award winner

by Daniel Fox at 13 May 2014, 1:27 AM

From the depths of Israel's extreme metal underground in 2006 came FERIUM, brandishing a crushing mix of Death, Thrash and Groove Metal; with “Reflections”, their first full-length piece, their immense sound is fully realised in an aggressive built up from the dirt, brick by heavy-as-hell brick. Hard to compare to any one artist and drawing influences from many, FERIUM are a unique band with a unique sound driving a hammer down on genre expectations.

“By the Book” opens the album with a sinister kind of heaviness; soaring chords pummelled out by  meaty, galloped chugs. The track doesn't stop here, rising and falling with hypnotic ebb and flow in speed and intensity. It is clear that this band prides themselves on the creativity behind their riffs; something guitarists like Jon Schaffer and Flemming C. Lund are well-known for. This is carried onto the next track, the heavyweight “DownHill from Nothing”, which opens like a traditional Groove piece, but only continues to build in heaviness. Bassist Yoni punches through here and there with aggressively slapped riffs, adding one hell of a bulldozer crunch to the band's sound. An incredibly powerful chorus showcases the band's excellent arranging and songwriting, inspiring riffs carrying a fantastic vocal delivery.

“Side Effects” is possibly my favorite track on this release, undulating in and out of a fast-paced pummelling of high speed, double-kick-driven riffs and progressive, syncopated grooves, the superhuman articulation of drummer Ron's seemingly endless number of limbs an intense audible spectacle to behold. The interestingly constructing guitar solo in this piece is unlike anything else shown; serpentine and slithering, if shredding is your poison, skip it for the moment; it more so works to bring to the forefront the rest of the band, foregoing showing off for an intriguing display of melodic exploration. “Change of Winds” is perhaps one of the more technical tracks, even though this is no small feat. There is a lofty, progressiveness about the dirty, heavy riffing pounded forth; something one may find in certain MESHUGGAH pieces. Soon after it begins to bring out a proper thrashing, something the band appears to excel in doing. Once again, I am amazed at how the riffs are put together.

In humour, this is surely sufficient to tide me over until the next INVOCATOR release; in seriousness, this record is easily one of the best heavy releases so far this year.

4 Star Rating

1. By the Book
2. DownHill from Nothing
3. The Very Existence
4. Mirror
5. Side Effects
6. The Black Eyes
7. Lust Fool
8. Caustic Value
9. Change of Winds
10. Business on Demand
11. Blood
12. Reflections
Tiran Ezra – Vocals
Guy Goldenberg – Guitars
Ron Amar – Drums
Elram Boxer – Guitars
Yoni Biton – Bass
Record Label: Transcend Music


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