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Fetal Blood Eagle - Indoctrinate Award winner

Fetal Blood Eagle
by Tom Hanno at 08 February 2022, 12:25 PM

FETAL BLOOD EAGLE features members of ABORTED, SOLIUM FATALIS, UNFLESH, and NECRONOMICHRIST, and their debut album, Indoctrinate, contains songs that are nothing short of Death Metal supremacy. The album will be available on February 25th via Listenable Records.

First off, I'd like to address the name of this band. If you don't already know what a Blood Eagle is, then I'll try to briefly explain it. Basically, it's a viking death sentence of pure agony, with the guilty on their knees while the executioner stands behind them with an axe. This axe is then used to chop the rib bones from the spine, then the lungs are draped over the guilty party's shoulders, resembling the wings of a great eagle. This death sentence sounds utterly terrifying, while making for the perfect death metal moniker, and the way it rolls off the tongue makes it fun to say.

As the album played though for the first time, I found that the music was steeped in both the classic and modern eras of the genre. There is an early CANNIBAL CORPSE vibe thanks to the lyrics and song titles, mix that in with the more groove oriented death metal of recent times, and the devastating power of early 1990's Death Metal.

Picking out tracks that stood out was fairly difficult, yet "Meth is Real", "Necromorphic Illumination," "Hate Fucked Face," "Devoid of Corrosive Form," and "Injected Larvae of the Hive Mind" were the ones that seemed to be the best examples of the overall sound of Fetal Blood Eagle. Each of these songs are punishing examples of exactly what we all love about this genre,  fast tempos, pounding drums, incredible guitar work, and vocals that seem to have been spit from the very depths of an ancient, pagan hell.

Do I think that you should grab yourselves a copy of this mighty album? The answer to that is a resounding yes, as there isn't a single bad song on "Indoctrinate," and along with the solo debut of CORPSEGRINDER and the new ALLEGAEON, creates the possibility that the 25th of February will be one of the heaviest Fridays in quite some time!!!!

Songwriting:  10
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  9
Production:  10

4 Star Rating

1. Necromorphic Illumination
2. Hate Fucked Face
3. Razorwire Communion
4. Caverns of Deformulated Flesh
5. Only Meth is Real
6. Devoid of Corrosive Form
7. Abortion Dumpster Overload
8. Injected Larvae of the Hive Mind
9. Decompression Disembowelment
10. Cinder Block Suicide
Sven De Caluwé – Vocals
Lenny Patterson – Bass
Kendall "Pariah" Divoli – Drums
Jim Gregory – Guitar
Ryan Beevers – Guitar
Record Label: Listenable Records


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