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Fetus In Fetu - Abnormal Disfigurement

Fetus In Fetu
Abnormal Disfigurement
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 02 June 2011, 9:29 AM

When you listen to this new debut album by the young Danish brutal group of FETUS IN FETU, it might raise some recollections of CANNIBAL CORPSE or DYING FETUS. However, you may want to take it under advisement as the musical complexity between these bands and this new group is quite different and not to the band's favor. "Abnormal Disfigurement", via Casket Music, is the new thing in the town of Brutal Death Metal. It's old school, deadly, bloody, gory yet not so sophisticated and impressive as it might sound.

It's not that Brutal Death Metal can't be creative, but with FETUS IN FETU's musical creation, I will have to say otherwise. The funny thing is that it seemed that this crew had a lot of talent, musically, yet it didn't quite show on their debut. It is sad to say this but it was rather hard for me to like this release at all. One of the reasons was connected to the vocal line that merely kept the same line of those low grunts that sounded like low down shrieks that didn't seem to mean anything. Even the guest high screaming vocals on several of the tracks by Morten Svendsen didn't help to open something more than just distortions.  However, and that is the reason why I less gave a negative acclaim to the vocal section, is because that in Brutal Death Metal this is the type of vocals.

The second reason that didn't make life easier with this release is the fact the music, aside from slight turnouts of some of the extreme riffages that can be recognizned as pretty neat, was on its majority fairly monotonous. I can give you first track, "Moulded Blood" as one of the top examples to this plea. Moreover, the lead guitar line was very week as it introduced a sort of single solo, also made by guest appearance.

As it seems to be FETUS IN FETU took some extreme riffages that had some potential and enslaved them into songs that weren't that of an item. "Molested With A Knife", kind of reminded of the infamous CANNIBAL CORPSE track "Fucked With A Knife", had some good riffs that were more of old school Death / Thrash than anything else I could come up with. I can't say that I found that much in the others although there were moments that showed that there is something out there.

For Brutal Death Metal fans this new debut album might not be enough to satisfy their hunger, yet, I might twitch something, who knows.    

2 Star Rating

1.Moulded Blood
2.Raped In The Crypt
3.Molested With AKnife
4.Bring Your Slasherhook
5.Abnormal Disfigurement
6. Sleeping With The Dead
8.Sacrifice, The Flesh
Michael Bekker– Vocals
AstorPalsson – Lead Guitar
JohnniKundsen – Rhythm Guitar
LasseToft – Bass
Hatten- Drums
Record Label: Casket Music / Corpo Records


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