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Fiakra - Invasion

by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 08 November 2012, 7:49 PM

Hailing from the East coast US, New Jersey to be more precise, the band wasused to be known as HEXEN, their last album was released in 2008 and after four years they comeback as FIAKRA. According to them they play straightforward and catchy Heavy / Power Metal, influenced by the 80s, what we like to call old school or traditional Metal.

The album start off with “Invasion”, can’t say much about that song else than annoying. From the get go there is an unexplainable noise that damages the all-around guitar sound, the song can be characterized as vintage Metal with some Power Metal influence. The best example on the album, “Give Me Metal, Or Give Me Death”, is a really good song with an ACCEPT like riff as the main and a classic Metal sound, however again there is a sort of noise in the sound that damages the song. It’s a shame because the song could be easily become a Metal hymn with an unforgettable.

The issue I had with the rest of that album that from “Give Me Metal, Or Give Me Death” till the end it’s all down slope. All songs are in the same structure counting out “Suppressing The Rage” that it’s an mid ages ballad with no imminent impact at all. The funny thing is that “Raging Inferno” is a Stoner song. What the fuck? All the album is supposed to be a Heavy / Power Metal and in the end they stuck a Stoner song, can’t understand it. I think that these guys does have talent however poor production (very poor) damages the album.

2 Star Rating

1. Invasion
2. Give Me Metal, or give Me Death
3. Time is My Enemy
4. Guardian of Ice
5. Live to Ride, Ride to Live
6. Iron Hooves
7. 5.0
8. Suppressing the Rage
9. The Ballad of Brian Boru
10.  Knee Deep in the Dead
11.  Faith in Hell
12.  Raging Inferno
Wheeler- Bass
Dirty Dan- Drums
Wulfere The Skull-Splitter- Guitars
Six Nails- Keyboards
The Warlord– Vocals / Lead Guitars
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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