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Fightcast - Breeding A Divinity (CD)

Breeding A Divinity
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 09 May 2008, 9:37 PM

From the moment I saw the band's photo I was more than sure that I would have to face one more stupid Metalcore band that would try to sound mean and gay at the same time. To tell you the truth, things weren't that band as I expected them to be, but there are things that disappointed me, as well as things that I liked. Let's get an inner trip to Breeding A Divinity.

The Italian metallers(?) were formed in 2004 and debuted with their MCD Killer Goodfellas Family. Since then, they managed to support well known acts like CALIBAN and THE AGONY SCENE. Three years later, the band entered Studio 73 to record its debut album Breeding A Divinity, an album that earned them their contract with the Italian label Kolony Records.

To tell you the truth, I expected to listen to a kind of shitty sound that would make the album's less than mediocre compositions sound even worse. The fact is that these young lads have managed to create an album that is respectful to every single rule this scene has set, something that makes it really good for people who like melodic Death Metal/Metalcore in the IN FLAMES/SOILWORK/KILLSWITCH ENGAGE way, but it also makes it sound nothing more than mediocre in my ears.

The nine tracks this album contains are something that is considered to be good in the specific scene, but who would spend his money for one more band of this style when there are many better bands out there? FIGHTCAST managed also to keep the sound quality high and dress their album with an ass kicking sound. I don't know mates, but this screaming/singing thing-ie has started being irritating to me. I can't spend my time on one more band that perfectly mixes melody with brutality. Recommended only to people who are less than 17 years old and believe that classic Metal is dead.


2 Star Rating

Poison Cage
Three Ghosts For You
The White Pitch
Chrome Within
New Shade Behind
Illogical Trip
Charlie B.
Breeding A Divinity
Filippo Tellerini - Vocals
Stefano Casadei - Guitar
Alberto Casadei - Guitar
Francesco Vicini - Bass
Marco Biondi - Drums
Record Label: Kolony Records


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