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Figure Of Six - Welcome To The Freak Show Award winner

Figure Of Six
Welcome To The Freakshow
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 12 June 2017, 6:37 AM

FIGURE OF SIX is an Italian Melodic Death and Metalcore mix; “Welcome To The Freak Show” is their fourth full length album.  As I have mentioned in previous reviews, Metalcore is beginning to combine elements of Delodic Death Metal and it has really helped the two genres.  It is bringing in new fans who, in the past (such as myself) would recoil at the thought of enjoying most things with “Metalcore” in a band’s sound description.

Welcome to the Freak Show” is another fine example of what happens when metal genres mix and/or step outside their own confines.  The opening and self-titled track features some circus music until a minute later hammer heavy rhythm guitar and drums start the song, with keyboards adding to the mood—they have an epic song but come across as somewhat playful like the circus intro before them.  Keyboardist Mingozzi is extremely gifted; he eschews a more traditional symphonic sound in favor of a more techno/futurist feel to his keys.  He plays with an uncanny sense of melody but also gives the band a progressive tone at times.  The beginning of “Monster” features some very “sci fi” type keys that carry the song all the way through, to the point where I’m not sure how effective the song would be without them.  His playing on the album as a whole is part of the band’s sound rather than something used for a cheap epic movie score feel.

Medri is a very solid vocalist, with cleans that are very grandiose and theatrical.  He has a decent death growl but he really shines when he sort of talks his way through the lyrics, his voice combining growls and cleans. Its a sort of barely restrained vocal attack that really gives the band a lot of energy, as it sounds like he is always about to explode.  On top of all that, he knows how to sing a catchy chorus.  The title track’s chorus will be stuck in your head for days. On the aforementioned “Monster,” he barks in a low death growl before effortlessly going into a more high-pitched sound.  Then the chorus hits and we are treated with the undeniable fact that his man can sing his ass off as well.   I usually can’t stand vocals run through any type of filter but he pulls it off on this song well; the vocals go with the sci fi/spacey feel complimented by the keys.

If the vocals and keys keep the band firmly planted in an unique melodic death package, then its the guitars/bass and drums that bring more of the Metalcore sound.  There isn’t a lot of shredding, crazy solos, or traditional “Gothenburng” style melody to the rhythm section—it;s a lot of break downs, catchy down tuned riffs, and loud double bass.  I’m not saying it isn’t well done—it is but the rest of the band plays it safe compared to the vocals and keys.  Still, there are a lot of highlights to be found.  The melodic intro and bass on “The King and the Servant” paints a landscape rife with danger.  The double bass in this song is crushing and I really like the heavy riffs during the stanza.

The spastic riffs on “The Mirror’s Cage,” really drive home the band’s Prog elements and it shows they can do more than most of their ilk can. The last track, “But Deliver of From Evil,” is an amazing knockout of a surprise.  Acoustic guitars, whispered cleans, and some well-done bass make this song a completely different sound from any of the other tracks but it is slick as hell.  While it definitely isn’t country (or even metal, for that matter) it has an outlaw feel to it mixed with some somber gothic tones and even some blues, in the form of Medri’s insanely expressive vocals.  The fact he can sound like this and do growls/screams is a testament to his ability to torture his vocal chords. This album is a pleasant surprise and a nice addition to the ever-growing resurgence of Melodic Death Metal.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Welcome to the Freak Show
2. The Man in the Dark
3. The Weak One
4. Edward Mordrake
5. The Tightrope Walker
6. The Mirror’s Cage
7. Monster
8. The King and the Servant
9. Clown
10. But Deliver Us From Evil
Alessandro "Hell" Medri - Vocals
Peter Cadonici - Guitar
Matteo Troiano  - Guitar
Stefano Capuano - Bass
Michele Mingozzi – Keyboard
Antonio Aronne – Drums
Record Label: Bleeding Noise Records


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