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Filii Eliae - Cimierivm

Filii Eliae
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 26 July 2015, 10:01 PM

The interesting part of mixing Black Metal and Death Metal is hearing what bands choose to take from each genre, FILII ELIAE in their new album "Cimierivm" take the safe route mixing Death Metal vocals over primarily Black Metal instrumentals. Safe route doesn't mean bad may I add, safe route means there's not a whole lot of innovation, its something that's been done over and over.

Throughout this album youll hear a blend of Black Metal madness in the instrumentals and standard Death Metal vocals as we have covered already, but there is also a lot of Symphonic aspects to this album as well. With the vocals, they may have been mixed wrongly or there's something screwy with.. Everything I listened to this on. Vocals were practically inaudible through this album, although it also did seem that this album did not have a whole lot of vocals as it stand. The instrumentals throughout the album are typical to what you'd expect, not a whole lot of innovation, not a whole lot of hook to pull you in. The Symphonic part of this album is the real draw, this is one thing is is done incredibly well, the symphonic portions are intriguing and have a lot of draw to them. The idea of an alright set of instrumentals, a nearly inaudible set of vocals and some spectacular symphonic portions make this album weird, I'd buy this album if it was just the orchestration, so I suppose we can see where FILII ELIAE need to up their beef!

So, in conclusion, make the vocals inaudible because I don't know about you but vocals are huge to me, the instrumentals need a little more of a draw, they need a hook and need to be innovative. The symphonic portions, keep these just as amazing as they stand. FILII ELIAE are a band that could take off, and they'll look back on this album and go "we learnt, we evolved."

1 Star Rating

1. Introitvs
2. Cimiterivm
3. Cinis Cineri
4. Tabvla Rasa
5. Exeqviae
6. Plvrimvm Sangvinis
7. Ivs Vitae Ac Necis
8. Fvneralis
9. Odivm Aeternvm
10. Extrema Pars
Martirium - Vocals, Guitars
Vastum Silentium - Bass
Ossibus Ignotis - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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