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Fimbulvet - Frostbrand - Eines Bildnis Tracht

Frostbrand - Eines Bildnis Tracht
by Erika Kuenstler at 07 November 2014, 11:06 AM

Almost exactly a full three years after the release of “Frostbrand - Nach Flammen Sehnsucht” German Pagan Black Metallers FIMBULVET are back with their fourth album “Frostbrand - Eines Bildnis Tracht” by. This follow-up to the highly acclaimed 2011 album contains a total of 10 tracks lasting just short of 45 minutes in all, and fittingly released on Halloween this year.

“Intro” is marked by an epic melody that gradually builds, heralding what is yet to come. This launches us straight into the title track of the album, “Eines Bildnis Tracht”, a frantic and furious onslaught combined with machine-gun like drumming. This is broken up by the sections of clean singing which complements the gravely rasped vocals in other parts. “Totenbeschwörer” in contrast is an exceptionally heavy and Thrash influenced track that has the potential to melt your face off. This is wonderfully juxtaposed by the slower paced “Uralt” with its clean vocal and acoustic guitar intro, or the slow guitar solo that melts into the fore on “Brüder Im Geiste”. It is this variation in melody and tempo that keep the album fresh and interesting throughout. This variation is also seen in songs such as “Wüste Wahnsinn” which incorporates female backing vocals that temper the break-neck pace of the song, whilst “Monument” has a lovely intro that brings the Pagan elements to shine. The final track on the album, “Gratwanderer”, is a break-down heavy track in which it feels like each musician is giving the song his all, making sure to end the album off with a kick to the gut.

On the downside, the acoustics for the recording are a bit off; the drums in particular are a bit muffled and stifled. In addition to this, the volumes for the various levels could have been better set: there are sections where one particular instrument is too loud and so drowns out all else. This is a real pity, as the album would have been much better had the sound been clearer.

Overall, “Frostbrand - Eines Bildnis Tracht” is a thunderous and relentless album that really packs a punch. However, the album lacks the clarity that would make it truly enjoyable.

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Eines Bildnis Tracht
3. Totenbeschwörer
4. Uralt
5. Wüste Wahnsinn
6. Hexenwerk
7. Brüder Im Geiste
8. Fesseln der Asche
9. Monument
10. Gratwanderer
Stephan Gauger – Vocals, Guitar
Christian Fröhlich – Guitar, Live Vocals
Steffen Mehlhorn – Bass, Live Vocals
Hannes Köhler – Drums
Record Label: Einheit Produktionen


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