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Fimir – Tomb Of God

Tomb Of God
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 31 July 2021, 2:02 PM

FIMIR is a doom metal band from Finland who formed in 2019 out of the ashes of CHURCH OF VOID.  “Tomb Of God,” is their full length debut, after putting out a demo in 2020. “Tomb Of God,” is a doom album that mixes it up with a lot of additional elements, such  as ambient soundscapes that give it a cosmic/spacey feel.  Despite how abrasive and out there it can be, it still has the feel of classic doom metal.  In essence, this one well rounded album that took me on quite the journey because of the variety contained within its six track, forty-two minute run time.

One-Eyed Beast,” opens with the ominous ringing of a bell while the guitar and bass build up in the background.  Around the thirty-two second mark, a mid paced but thick groove pushes a catchy groove into the song.  A.D. and Georgios certainly know how to write riffs that stick in the mind long after they have moved on into another one.  MAGUS’ are absolutely commanding; he can do a deep, Gothic croon, a high clean, and even more extreme styles.  His versatility matches the music and it is a pretty unstoppable combo, I must say.

The guitar slow cuts in about half way thru the song and leads to a spacey section that is brief but potent and sets up the rising action again to break inside a massive riff and thunderous drums.  H. hits his snare like it is the last thing he will ever do and it results in the band having an even more potent sound. A more sludgy sound is brought to “Horde of Crows,” by Harley’s imposing bass—one of the heaviest songs on the album.  The quick and biting death screams compliment the cleans, creating an atmosphere as razor sharp as it it groovy.  The guitar solo, which begins around the 3:11 mark and continues until the 4:26 mark is incredible.  It is imaginative yet captures the feel and essence of the song’s overall style.

White Wolf,” has a science fiction feel to me because of the subtle use of keyboards in the song’s beginning moments.  Strong doom rives as thick as molasses run under the current of the song while a delicious melodic lead takes point.  At this point, the song is already beyond epic but it only gets better and has become a personal favorite of mine.  That main riff births so naturally from the solo around the 2:05 mark will make you thrash your head against the wall. If that doesn’t kill you, the bass almost certainly will.  As the song speeds up in places, the guitar leads return and that veracious riff and melodic solo just destroy everything.  Then the vocalist trades off cleans with growls and screams….goddamn, how badass is this song?

Obsidian Giant,” is a beast of a track—that opening bass line is MASSIVE.  I love how the vocals get low to match the bass; with nothing but those two and some cleverly played drums, the song is already heavy.  The guitars kick in and it goes into overdrive on the sonic density. The song ebbs and flows between the bass and vocals taking the spotlight then it being given to the guitars.  Around the 4:30 mark, the band comes together just throws out riff after riff for a full armed and filthy dirge of doomtastic proportions.

Temple Of Madness,” is an instrumental track, save for the piercing scream that comes later into the track, followed by clean vocals with proclaim the track’s namesake.  Without any vocals, the drums seem to take the lead and pull the song where it needs to go.   At the 4:06 mark, the song feels very expansive as the bass pushes it apart to make room for crunchy, slow galloped riffs and strong cymbal work.

The final track is “Mausoleum Craft,” and it has a traditional doom feel of old although more intense and modern in approach.  There is a nice little section of just bass before the song melts down into energetic riffs and yelling vocals.  A psychedelic, fuzzed out guitar solo winds the song into mind breaking territory then cools it down to ambient noises to end the album.

FIMIR’sTomb Of God,” is a solid debut album and I hope it takes them farther than CHURCH OF VOID was able to.  If these guys can, they need to stick around because they have potential to be the next big band in doom.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8

4 Star Rating

1. One Eyed Beast
2. Horde Of Crows
3. White Wolf
4. Obsidian Giant
5. Temple of Madness
6. Mausoleum Craf
Harley Warlock – Bass
H. Wizzard – Drums
A.D. - Guitars
Georgios Funeral – Guitars
Magus Corvus – Vocals
Record Label: Argonauta Records


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