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Final Curse - Unbinding

Final Curse
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 07 May 2017, 10:27 PM

Someone has been busy I see. It took while enough but I guess that it depends on the direction of the wind. The US Thrash Metal band FINAL CURSE has been under my sights since my first writing period almost a decade ago. The last time we crossed paths was back in 2012 after their sophomore album “Way Of The Accursed” was released. Then, total silence, I assume they were busy in their local circle along with making the right personnel changes to usher them to the next step. “Unbinding” is their newest EP, presenting a band that is still a part of the underground, yet it is possible to predict that it might change, depending on the current trend going.

From onto the attack into inner darkness waiting to erupt, FINAL CURSE follow the sign of Thrash Metal as if it was their religion, devoted to the bone. I remember listening to these guys for the first time, total SLAYER domination, but with a small piece of ingenuity. Heeding the call of “Unbinding”, there seems to be a step forward, driven by the energies and musical influence from the entire big four, creating an impressive mash of intelligent Thrash Metal. Don't look for the usual mannerism of the subgenre, as won't find it as dominant. In the contrary, you will notice a band that went forward with their songwriting and composing, showing their merits at creating challenging material, almost at the reach of sharing a cross between genres, blinking at the extreme while maintaining the core of their source of power.

“Slice of Life” took me on right from the get go, such a tough struggle, as if voices are shouting through the brain, wanting to pick a fight with the soul. Reeks like a modern day individual doesn’t it? I like the groove, aggression and constant game changer elements that ignited the interest. “The Vigilant” is actually a song that was awarded with a video recently, a year ago I think, and other piece of assorted Thrash showing a relentless group that fight the fight with prowess, delivering the harshness of the genre with bits of an aggressive Punk. “Angels Born of Demon Seeds” and “Tomb” are also worth to mention, demonstrating several classic Thrash moments with a sharper gaze at the modern ventures of the second wave.

A cool EP that showed me a somewhat different face of the band, but I feel that this is not their foremost effort. They proved themselves as creative musicians, yet their peak is yet to appear.


3 Star Rating

1. Angels Born of Demon Seeds
2. Contract with the Devil
3. Slice of Life
4. Definition of Insanity
5. Tomb
6. The Vigilant
Mike Plowman - Vocals / Guitars
Madison Stegall - Guitars / Vocals
Ron Dalton - Bass
Mitch Moore - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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