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Final Disaster – Unplugged From The Rest Of The World Award winner

Final Disaster
Unplugged From The Rest Of The World
by Caio Botrel at 10 August 2020, 10:35 AM

FINAL DISASTER is a Brazilian metal band that mixes Progressive Thrash, Groove Metal, Industrial Metal and Melodic Death Metal, creating a unique sound that is perfect for their thematic of horror stories.

They have a short career, but with a lot of releases coming out of it and they are about to release their newest EP "Unplugged From The Rest Of The World" which have acoustic versions for their electric songs, marking their first acoustic album ever.

The opening song is "Another Victim" and it starts out with the electric guitar riffs adapted to the acoustic guitar, creating a very different ambiance if compared to the original version. Kito's vocals are different, but still aggressive and Deborah's vocals added the perfect ingredient to the song. A cool thing is that they kept the guitar solo on an electric version but using the slide.

"Dark Delight" starts out with a beautiful sound created by the acoustic guitar, but soon it turns into something a little bit aggressive as Kito's vocals joins in and the guitar riffs starts to be reproduced. I liked how they experimented different vocal techniques on that song.

"Finis Hominis" followed the vibe from the previous song with a beautiful sound created by the acoustic guitar, but it has one of the coolest bass lines of the album. Kito's vocals alternate from clean vocals to harsh ones, creating a different ambiance that is completed by Deborah's soft but powerful vocal lines. There is a part where they sang in Portuguese and it changes the whole dynamic of the song, creating a great ambiance out of it.

"By The Moonlight (In Memoriam)" is the song that closes the album and it is also a tribute to one of the biggest Brazilian genius of all time: Maestro Andre Matos. It is the first ever acoustic song by the band and the first time where Kito sang with clean vocals on that work, which is impressive. I loved how the duets between the two vocalists completes each other in a perfect way. The chorus of the song reminded me of TUATHA DE DANANN as it has a Folk Metal vibe followed by a sad piano that leads the way.

FINAL DISASTER has written and released a great album showing their ability to write songs in a different style. The vocals are great, the instruments are beautiful, and the production is clear. Give them the prize!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Another Victim (Acoustic)
2. Dark Delight (Acoustic)
3. Finis Hominis (Acoustic)
4. By The Moonlight (In Memoriam)
Kito Vallim – Vocals, Keyboards and Programming
Deborah Moraes – Vocals
Rodrigo Alves – Guitars
Felipe Kbça – Bass
Bruno Garcia – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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