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Final Drive - Good Things Come To Those Who Refuse To Wait (CD)

Final Drive
Good Things Come To Those Who Refuse To Wait
by Kevin at 27 March 2005, 2:05 PM

Straight outta St. Louis, Missouri, Final Drive is comin' out hard as hell with their first full length album entitled Good Things Come To Those Who Refuse To Wait.  Final Drive's first demo in 2003 sold over 2000 copies…good job guys and gal. This proves them a force to be reckoned with.
Good Things Come To Those Who Refuse To Wait brings an energy that is reminiscent of earlier System Of A Down but with vocals more like Phillip Anselmo (Pantera). Jordan's vocals and screams change tone, pitch, and melody, which is always a nice variation for heavy vocals. Chris Nanney and Nathan Easter provide a nice guitar sound that promotes energy to keep you motivated throughout the entire album. Every once in a while they will switch to clean guitars that give a full change of dynamics emitting their pretty side which is well arranged. Chelsea Muckerman is a good, solid bass player that adds just as much solidarity to the music as she does watching them live. Andy Becker fits the music perfectly and keeps things in the pocket with straight forward drums. Overall, the music is well arranged with nice screams, decent clean tone vocals, chunky guitar riffs that will move the crowd, and tight bass and drums to create an exciting and entertaining performance all together. Final Drive is just good straight up Metal without all the double kicks, drilling guitar riffs, flashy solos, and snappy bass fills. Good Things Come To Those Who Refuse To Wait is an awesome album to slam out to, as well as their live performance. Final Drive is a well formed solid Metal band and deserve the recognition that they are getting.  Many props to Final Drive.
Here's a song by song review:
Dia De Los Muertos:   This song starts off the album with a powerful explosion of Metal with awesome vocals, chunky guitars and tight rhythms. It has a nice break down in it and cool backing vocals.  The vocals also have nice tone and change in dynamics with the build ups.  There is a latin style clean tone part in the middle which gives a nice change to the overall I'm going to punch your face in mood and a killer outro.
The Simple Life Beyond All Recognition Of What We Know:  Once again, starting off strong and slamming as hell.  A good upbeat tempo and nice screams with cool riffs behind them. The drums are solid behind the bridge and once again going clean tone latin style, but they end it there.
Two Thousand Miles: This song has a nice intro that creates yet another mosh pit, with upbeat and thrashing Metal. I like the screams in the bridge and the chunky stops they've got going on. The chorus is acoustic and kind of has a grungy clean tone vocal pattern to it giving some diversity to the arrangement of the album as a whole. Then…back at ya with the Metal that makes Final Drive rock. There is a nice feeling at the end with the chorus/outro with a lead over the top to put this song to rest; but not the crowd.
Closed: This one kind of reminds me of Alice In Chains musically.  There is a nice mid-paced tempo and that 1/2 step feel that gives it a pretty simplistic yet powerful vibe.  The chorus is a bit slower with mixed vocals (clean and screams), almost giving off a Slipknot sound vocally at the end of the break. The end is powerful and abrupt.  Nice.
Eximo: Metal in your face!!! This song just comes out with fury and nice rhythm. A good live performance in my opinion, proving that they sound as good live as they do on CD. The vocals still remind me of that from Philip Anselmo which is definitely a good thing.
The No Tomorrow (2003 Demo Version): Starting off with a strange almost happy sounding melody distorted into what would be considered a cross between  old school lice In Chains and Pantera. The verses are bad ass, straight up 4/4 Metal…. very bass/drum driven until the axes come in to smash your face in once again.
Closed (acoustic):  Vocally reminiscent of Slipknot and the music just slowing down a bit with different harmonies behind the chorus. Definitely a different feel for this song that I wouldn't have predicted…but cool none the less. I like the screams over the acoustics.
Good Things Come To Those Who Refuse To Wait  is a well put together album and a must have for any true Metal fan.
- Album highlights: Dia De Los Muertos, The Simple Life Beyond All Recognition Of What We Know and The No Tomorrow

4 Star Rating

Dia De Los Muertos
The Simple Life Beyond All Recognition Of What We Know
Two Thousand Miles
Eximo (Live)
 The No Tomorrow (2003 Demo Version)
Closed (Acoustic)
Jordan Gaw - Vocals
Chris Nanney - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Nathan Easter - Guitar
Chelsea Muckerman - Bass
Andy Becker - Drums


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