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Finally Deceased - Finally Deceased (CD)

Finally Deceased
Finally Deceased
by Jonathan Maphet at 27 January 2011, 1:01 PM

FINALLY DECEASED is a death metal band that also contains black metal vocals. So it’s hard to tell exactly what they are. It is a mash up of different styles. There are plenty of blast beats. One thing I noticed is the terrible drumming. You have the basic drum tracks and then out of nowhere there will be this lone note that sounds like your speakers are popping. It’s totally jarring and completely takes you out of the music. I have no idea why the band decided to go with this. It’s awful.
They recorded an album back in 1995 that was never released. After hearing this new album, I can see why. Perhaps they should have kept this one on the shelf as well. There isn’t much in the way of fast drumming other than blast beats that appear randomly. There is no steady thrash element. There are parts of up tempo drumming but it is far too slow overall for a death metal album.

I guess I could always say there are doom elements involved to make up for the lack of speed, but even that doesn’t quite fit. The never ending popcorn sounding drumming that I mentioned earlier is too annoying to be ignored. The band hails from Germany, so for them not to know what they are doing in the drum department is unforgivable. Germany is the home of death metal. There are more death metal bands from there than any other country I can think of. There are moments of clarity where everything fits, but then a random event will occur and destroy all momentum that has been building. If it isn’t the drumming, it’s the rapid tempo change from slow plodding sludge to blast beats that suddenly die and black metal screeches come out from nothingness and drown out the death metal vocals. I truly don’t think these guys had any idea what they wanted to achieve when they went into the studio. Too many of the songs start out slowly and stay that way for so long, that by the time it speeds up, the song is almost over.

It is possible to understand the death metal vocals, but when they are drowned out by the black metal screeching, there is no way whatsoever to tell what they are saying. If you must buy this album, make sure you get a physical copy with a lyrics book because otherwise, you will have no clue what they are saying. There are a few moments of melodic riffing, but they are overshadowed by the other various faults I have pointed out. I honestly don’t think this band can be salvaged, but that’s just one man’s opinion. The drums are too distracting on too many of the songs (but not all) to spend good money on. The bio sheet claims they are an old school death metal band they most certainly are not any such thing. I have heard almost all the bands that started that genre and they sound nothing like this.

Bottom line, avoid. You can find something way better to spend your money on.

1 Star Rating

1. Eternal Devastation
2. The Misanthropist
3. Reverie
4. Decisive Fault
5. Suppression
6. Darkened Soul
7. Day By Day
8. Escape
9. Dismebered
10. Soul Destiny
11. Path Of Hope
Lars Reichmann - Vocals, Guitar
Martin Staszak - Bass, Vocals
Martin Mangels - Drums
Record Label: Twilight


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