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Find Me - Angels in Blue

Find Me
Angels in Blue
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 24 February 2019, 11:03 AM

FIND ME are the combined talents of vocalist Robbie LaBlanc (FURY, BLANC FACES) and producer Daniel Flores (MURDER OF MY SWEET, MIND’s EYE). FIND ME is a musical project assembled by Frontiers Records Srl. Their music is heavily influenced by the AOR/anthem oriented melodic rock of the glory days of the '80s. Bombastic melodies, atmospheric keyboards, and soaring choruses are all elements of a quintessential FIND ME song! They currently have three albums. Their debut "Wings of Love" (2013), the sophomore effort "Dark Angel" (2015), and now their third release “Angels in Blue.”

“No Tears in Paradise” leads off the album, thick with keys and guitars. The main riff is heavy but oh so melodic. LaBlanc’s vocals are on point, sultry and full of energy. The keys maintain a steady presence throughout, while the chorus features backing vocals. “Chain of Love” has a slightly slower pace but those keys remain in the forefront. It has a bit of a darker quality until the chorus, which comes in big and full. LaBlanc really stretches out after the second chorus. His raspy but well-trained voice is perfect for the album. “True Believer” rocks with an edge of toughness, a little more somber in the verses. He longs with the love of a “true believer.” The lead guitar passages fits neatly along the main melody line.

“Straight for Eternity” has a perfect combination of guitar and keys and a wonderful chorus. It is tinged with just enough darkness to keep it interesting, “Can’t Let Go” is a really melodic AOR offering of love lost, and LaBlanc puts a stamp on it in the chorus. “They days are passed but I can’t let go” he croons, and you can feel the longing in his voice. “One Last Kiss” opens with an alluring piano melody and a solitary voice perfectly pitched. The slow moving song turns positive during the chorus, nailing a message of love. “Living a Lie” opens with pretty keyboards until the main riff comes in, energetic and full of passion. The backing vocals in the chorus are layered to the point that you can hear four or even five different notes. “Angels in Blue” it the title track. It seems to follow the pattern in the previous songs…darkness in the verses and then a key change marks the coming of a big chorus. Thirteen tracks on an album and this is bound to happen.

“Show me what you’d Die For” opens with some pretty keys that lead to a guitar riff reminiscent for me of DANGER DANGER. The chorus is where they really turn it on. “Waiting for a Lifetime” opens with mid-tempo, harmonic guitar riff and the verses breathe as LaBlanc sings openly. This song has a memorable edge to it, with something you won’t easily forget. “You are the Only One” opens with an ominous keyboard melody, leading to a tender sound with a dexterous guitar solo and a passionate vocal performance. “Desperate Dreams” is a mid-tempo ballad of sorts, with alternating guitars and keys. You get a glimpse of the chorus in the verses a bit. It hits hard with all the longing of yesteryear. “Only the Lonely” closes the album, with a common riff and sound overall. The key change at the chorus is becoming all too familiar a pattern.

Did Frontiers Music cast a set of talented musicians on this album? Absolutely. However, the songs come out too formulated, and to similar sounding. No one can dare to deny LaBlanc deserves all the accolades that are out there for his voice, because it’s nearly prefect and so slick. The songs are structured and easy to follow. But as I stated before, with 13 tracks, only a few of them stood out from the others as truly memorable. Sometimes these Frontiers projects just fail to reach the mark, and that is the case here. Excellent production, however.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 4
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1. No Tears in Paradise
2. Chain of Love
3. True Believer
4. Straight for Eternity
5. Can’t Let Go
6. One Last Kiss
7. Living a Lie
8. Angels in Blue
9. Show me what you’d Die for
10. Waiting for a Lifetime
11. You are the only one
12. Desperate Dreams
13. Only the Lonely
Robbie LaBlanc – Lead Vocals
Soren Kronqvist – Keys
Daniel Flores – Drums & Keys
Michael Palace – Guitars
Philip Lindstrand – Guitars
Christopher Vetter – Guitars
Johnny Trobo – Bass
Angelica Rylin – Backling/Duet Vocals
Record Label: Frontier Music SRL


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