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Find Me - Dark Angel Award winner

Find Me
Dark Angel
by MarcusTheRocker at 03 December 2015, 5:09 PM

You know what? No matter how many of them I see these days, supergroups and collaborative projects featuring musicians from different bands and nationalities collaborating together on material never gets old. The reason why it will never die is because you never know what to expect from a supergroup; it could be amazing, it could be okay or it can be completely crap. However that’s one of the joys of having supergroups as you never know what to expect as they could end up surprising you with material you’ll enjoy when you hear it. One scene that sees a lot of that these days is the Melodic Rock scene and soon it will welcome the second album from a supergroup/project called FIND ME.

Originally starting off as a collaboration project put together by Frontiers Records president Serafino Perugino, FIND ME is a project that mostly involves Swedish drummer/songwriter/producer Daniel Flores and Canadian AOR singer Robbie Lablanc. Together, alongside a host of guest songwriters and collaborators, the first album “Wings of Love” was released in 2013 and this received a large amount of praise from fans alike in the Melodic Rock community. Following the success of the debut CD, a second album was needed to showcase more of this projects talent and songwriting skills and so that’s exactly what happened and soon the world will be able to hear more FIND ME as the bands anticipated sophomore album “Dark Angel” will be released on December 4th making it an ideal Christmas present but the question is, is it worth it? Let us find out shall we?

Clocking in at around 55 minutes across 12 new tracks, the sophomore album from this transatlantic band consists of highly enjoyable slices of Melodic Rock & AOR music. The moment the powerful opening track and lead single “Nowhere to Hide” begins to play, you get a good taster of the new sound the main duo behind it have been slowly working to refine and craft since the critically acclaimed debut was released 2 years ago. This song alone is full of powerful hooks, catchy melodies and pure Melodic Rock awesomeness getting this highly anticipated second album off to a great start.

If you thought the opening number was impressive then you’ll want to keep listening as the rest of the songs on this second album are all enjoyable slices of Melodic Rock & AOR music. These include the cheerful AOR rocker “Let Love Rule”, the beautiful ballad “Forever”, the upbeat tempo “Another Day”, the epic AOR sounding title track “Dark Angel”, the mid tempo “Bleed in the Rain”, the relaxed mid tempo “Face to Face”, the powerful “Where Do I Go” and “Midnight Memories”, the brilliant AOR number “Don’t Slip Away From Me”, the AOR anthem “Did You Feel Any Love” and lastly the closing track “I’m Free”, which sounds funky but unique making this a great way to close off this record.

If the songs themselves are anything to go by then you’ll be even more impressed when you hear the production; it sounds crisp and clear as each song has been crafted well to bring out the best in the performance. It allows you to hear what each song has to bring to the plate in terms of the writing, the performance and the mixing and when you combine all of these things together, you get an album that sounds nothing short of fantastic.

Bottom line, the sophomore release from FIND ME is nothing short of superb. If you liked the first album or are new to the band, then you will not be disappointed. This is also recommended for anyone who likes Melodic Rock and AOR music. This is also yet another one of those records that you can add to the continual list of consistently excellent releases from those brilliant guys over at Frontiers Records.

4 Star Rating

1. Nowhere to Hide
2. Let Love Rule
3. Forever
4. Another Day
5. Dark Angel
6. Bleed in the Rain
7. Face to Face
8. Where Do I Go
9. Midnight Memories
10. Don’t Slip Away From Me
11. Did You Feel Any Love
12. I’m Free
Robbie Lablanc – Lead, Background Vocals
Philip Lindstrand – Rhythm, Lead Guitars, Bass, Additional Backing Vocals
Sören Kronqvist - Keyboards
Daniel Flores - Drums, Keyboards, Additional Backing Vocals
Angelica Rylin - Additional Backing Vocals, Guest Vocals on "Another Day"
Christopher Vetter - Lead Guitars, Clean Guitars
Thomas Vikstrom - Additional Backing Vocals
Redas Jefisovas - Additional Backing Vocals
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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