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Finnr's Cane - A Portrait Painted By The Sun

Finnr's Cane
A Portrait Painted By The Sun
by Angela "The Hunter" at 21 November 2013, 7:10 PM

Hailing from Sudbury, Ontario FINNR’S CANE 2nd album, “A Portrait Painted by the Sun”, is a unique mix of intricate melodies, grainy toned guitar riffs, and melancholy lyrics that create an atmosphere that is full of mood and contemplation. Ambient metal would be a true to form description of the sound that is FINNR’S CANE. But what mood and atmosphere that the album is trying to create changes throughout every song so be prepared to be taken on a bit of an emotional ride.

The album starts off with “This Old Oak”, an enchanting song that opens with delicate guitar leads that engage your curiosity. The leads flow into moderately rolling rhythm work and melancholy vocals which last through to the end of the piece. Next is “Gallery of Sun and Stars” whose beginning is laced with lacerated growls and bottom heavy guitar riffs. Drums are rolling and diverse as they weave between Metal and melodic Metal grooves. Halfway through the song we are treated to a beautiful acoustic solo with hints of flute work that float atop the melody, and then the song is taken back to its original tone.

From there we go to “A Promise in Bare Branches” a gritty and epic piece full of Symphonic Metal and folk inspired flute leads throughout the entire song. Vocals are snarling and for the most part undecipherable, which means you just need to buy the album. It’s won’t kill you, I swear. The song switches back and forth a few times between the gritty and clean guitar tones with the bass and drums remain in their state of purgatory. Not quite Black Metal but not exactly Melodic Death Metal either. It certainly gives the song depth and an interesting flow.

"Winds in the Wells" follows "A Promise in Bare Branches" and is an inviting instrumental with flutes, strings, and mild drum and bass work. Slow and soothing with the sounds of an autumn wind intertwined, Winds in the Wells fosters an atmosphere of serenity and peace. That is until "A Great Storm" comes to audible life. Serenity is angrily shattered by heavy riffs and pulsating drums. Vocals are nearly unheard through most of the song. After "A Great Storm" comes "Time Is a Face in the Sky" another dark and brooding piece that keeps the epic balance between clean and gritty guitar riffs on going. Finally we end the album with Tao, an almost upbeat song with lively rhythms until we get a third of the way through the song, then its right back to the same pattern that all the other songs followed. The album is certainly not bad in its own right, but it did get a bit predictable towards the end. It is a well recorded work, so for a rating I would have to say 7 out of 10. Stay well and live free my friends!

3 Star Rating

1. This Old Oak
2. Gallery of Sun and Stars
3. A Promise in Bare Branches
4. Wind in the Wells
5. A Great Storm
6. Time is a Face in the Sky
7. Tao
The Bard - Vocals, Guitar, Cello
The Peasant – Drums
The Slave - Synth, Cello
Record Label: Prophecy Productions


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