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Finnr's Cane - Elegy

Finnr's Cane
by Chris Hawkins at 20 August 2018, 5:09 PM

Were one to speculate according to the music, Sudbury, Ontario would be the North American equivalent of gloomy Britain as witnessed by “Elegy,” the latest album from FINNR’S CANE.  This is their third full-length, and they certainly offer a mature, polished sound.  One is reminded of the magical music composed by mid to late 1990s Euro-Metal.  At times, I admittedly wondered if the title of this album was a nod to AMORPHIS for “Elegy” was the title of that band’s third full-length as well, but at others I heard a distinct ANATHEMA type of sound.  FINNR’S CANE does not forget along the way, however, how to do heavy.  Read on.

Willow” opens the album with a forlorn-sounding melody, plodding along with its own sense of eerie finesse.  Keyboards and cell are weaved in to the ceremony giving the music more colors to paint the given scene.  The third track, “Strange Sun,” is the point where all restraint is left behind.  The band offers the listener the first look into the Black Metal dimension of the muse. “Earthsong,” fifth, is a good representation of the totality of the band’s vision.  Within are grand, majestic lines and poignant acoustic work.  To put it simply, this album offers a variety of moods, often focusing on more somber and tender moments, and quite frankly, won’t get you kicked out of bed for playing it.

At the sixth position is “Lacuna,” a track which certainly captured my attention.  The song is generally more of the mellower material, but don’t jump to conclusions.  This is not boring at all.  The huge riff in the final minute is splendidly traditional a la CANDLEMASS. The band seems to dwell in the murky area between the ambient and soundtracks and heavy music in the form of Doom and 1990s Euro-Metal.  In terms of vocals, the band’s attention seems more focused on instrumentation so they aren’t at the forefront of the writing.  They do factor heavily toward the combined effect when employed, though.

It’s hard at the end of the day to consider why the album produced a cerebral feeling I’ve often chased since the late 1990s.  Did the album take me to a different time because it sounded like music from that time?  Yes.  That in itself makes this album a winner, but more importantly, that the music causes feeling within shows that true passion went into the writing of their songs.  This album is more than recommended as one can truly lose one’s self within and also allow it to play throughout in the background while doing other things.  My interest is piqued as I would now love to see how they deliver all of this live as a three piece.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Willow
2. Elegy
3. Strange Sun
4. Empty City
5. Earthsong
6. Lacuna
7. A Sky of Violet and Pearl
The Slave - Cello, Keyboards
The Peasant - Drums
The Bard – Vocals, Guitars
Record Label: Prophecy Productions


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