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Finntroll - Vredesvävd Award winner

by Laura Glover at 28 September 2020, 10:04 AM

Born of what Bob Ross would refer to as a “happy accident”, FINNTROLL was created by mere chance from two drunken men jamming together. Guitarist, Somnium (1977-2003), and vocalist, Katla; together started experimenting with black metal, Finnish “humppa” rhythm's, folk melodies, and Swedish lyrics. Their debut album “Midnattens Widunder” was released in 1999 and received international fame. Sadly, at the height of this wave of fame tragedy struck. Katla lost his voice due to throat cancer and after several surgeries had to quit the band. And Somnium fell off a bridge and died. Carrying on the legacy of the original two members, the current lineup is often called pioneers of the folk metal genre. Released September 18, 2020 their newest full-length album, Vredesvävd, made it to #8 on the charts in Finland and #31 on the charts in Germany. The title of the album, "Vredesvävd," translates to “Wrath woven”; and these band members refer to themselves as “Trolls”, wearing pointy ears to boot. The whole appearance of this band is very well put together. From their bio, which they included in their promos for me to write about. Thank you so much for that! To their album. Style, appearance, concept of the album, they all tie so nicely into each other.

Väktaren” - With a tune sounding a bit like the seven dwarves marching to work, the intro of this song dives right into its folk genre. It has an almost fairy tale quality to it. This is an instrumental track. A track which very much builds anticipation. Did you know, for example, in movies the background music is so carefully chosen for the emotions it invokes that many tunes end up on the chopping block. The ability of songs to induce emotion is so intense that this song has to be just so for them to include it on a movies soundtrack. This intro song does very good at invoking the buildup, the crescendo, of the rest of the album to come. “Att döda med en sten” - Where the intro song was soft, this one is much harder. The musical composition still has that folk, fantastical type sound to it; we have angry and passionate vocals. This is “wrath woven” into vocals. Dark, disturbing, yet you can’t seem to look away. “Ormfolk” - Vocalist, Vreth, really stands out with his on-point voice. It is easy to see why this band gained popularity so fast. There is some stunning guitarwork about mid song as well; well, truly all throughout the song. The folk/black metal combo mixes very well together. These guys nailed their sound.

"Grenars väg" - This song comes in sounding like a medieval mayday tune, or a song you’d expect to hear in the dance hall of a king as well-dressed folk dance in time. With long tables of food around, and a jester off to the side. Yet throw in those black metal vocals and the sound from this song is off the hook. “Stjärnors mjöd” - This song has a much more traditional black metal sound. Powerful, raging voices lead the way for the face melting guitar riffs. However, here and there they throw in some of those folk tunes. Truly this is a power packed song; full of energy, emotion and phenomenal guitar notes.

FINNTROLL is a well put together band, who faced much tragedy and triumphed to bring us new material. Loss is so hard to process, a person can only hope to take that pain and turn it into good. We know our lost loved ones watch over us, most of us just want to make them proud of us. I know their lost friend and band-member looks down and is proud of this creation. Check this album out, you won’t be disappointed! It is worth noting, too, that their music videos are spectacularly made with animation and great artwork.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Väktaren
2. Att döda med en sten
3. Ormfolk
4. Grenars väg
5. Forsen
6. Vid häxans härd
7. Myren
8. Stjärnors mjöd
9. Mask
10. Ylaren
11. Outro
Trollhorn –Keyboards, Orchestrations, Guitars, Banjo, Mouth Harp
Tundra –Bass
Skrymer –Guitars
Routa –Guitar
Vreth –Vocals
Virta –Keys
MörkÖ –Drums
Record Label: Century Media Records


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