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Finntroll - Jatkens Tid (CD)

Jatkens Tid
by Stathis Giannakopoulos at 26 May 2001, 11:18 AM

Hail to the land of the thousand lakes! At last! A band which plays something that can be described as original! Finntroll come from Finland and they give a hard kick in the ass of all those new death metal bands who don't know what luck of originality means. These 'trolls' managed to create a unique style. In a few words you can say that they play Folk Death Metal with a few power metal elements but don't stay on my words. Words are not enough to describe the crazy minds of these guys.

I can't stop saying that this CD really blew me away. They turned me into a thousand pieces. The folkish elements range from traditional Finnish music to Indian (!) one! Imagine very well played Death Metal music enriched with Folk and Power Metal. The result is awesome. You just have to hear them first in order to understand what these guys play. You can't even imagine how they managed to tie Folk music with Death Metal. The keyboards play an important part on their music and they are really smart and well used. The guitars are crushing and killer riffs are thrown you without mercy. The rhythm section is really steady and the raging 'trollish' vocals create a great solid sound.. It's one of the best albums I've heard from Death Metal. It's not boring at all. Every single song invites you to discover new dark paths. The Indian folk elements even if they are few they are really great. On a couple of songs you can hear some Indian (!?) vocals. An Indian in a Death Metal band? Hell, yeah! It's fuckin' awesome. Epic music to the bone yet Heavy, melodic and inspired. I know several bands who tried to use Folk music in order to create something unique and hell Finntroll did maybe the best work from them all. I really love the sound of the guitars and the keyboards. Some excellent riffs and some really inspiring keyboard parts made me to love this album.

Hey, you is there any drawback? Well, there is one. If you can call it a drawback. Their lyrics are in in Swedish. Yeah, they use the Swedish language and not the English one. This can be bad 'cause you can't understand the epic stories behind their lyrics. On the other hand the Swedish language seems to fit really great in their music. I don't have any problem with that. I wish I could learn the stories though. Who knows? I'll try to make an interview with them and maybe we'll get some information about the stories behind the Finntroll songs!

In a few words Fintroll released an album that it's doomed to rise them high. Of course the problem of the language is major for some people but the music is great and unique. If you are bored of those Melodic Swedish Death metal bands and stuff, then Jaktens Tid is an album you can't afford to miss. One of the best releases of 2001. Hail to Finland. Blessed be guys!

4 Star Rating

Krig (intro)
Slaget Vid Blodsalv
Skogens Hamnd
Jaktens Tid
Bakom Varje Fura
Den Hornkrone Konungen
Tomhet Och Tystnad Harska (outro)
Katla - Vocals
Skrymer- Rhythm Guitars
Somnium - Lead/ Rhythm and Accoustic Guitars and Choirs
Trollhorn - Keyboards
B.Dominator - Drums/ Percussions and Choirs
Nick Barker - Bass and Choirs
Record Label: Spikefarm Records


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