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Finntroll - NattFodd (CD)

by Alex Farmakis at 03 May 2004, 8:22 PM

Here comes another band from Finland, a country that lately appears as a good force in every form of heavy metal music. Nattfodd is the fourth album of the Finnish band that answers to the name Finntroll. Although the album has already been released I wanted to make this review because Finntroll is a very good band and it is a pity that only a few people know about them.
Finntroll play epic/black metal, at least this is how it sounds to me, and I think that they have influences from Bal Sagoth and Thyrfing. Nattfodd is a very good album and it sounds like their previous ones. The good thing about Finntroll is that their lyrics are not in English. They are in their native language, in Finnish. I don't know why but I think that they sound good to me and I like them even if I don't know what are they saying.
As I said before, Finntroll are playing Black Metal. So all the vocals on this album are distorted. The atmosphere of this album makes you feel that you are in some Scandinavian forests trying to win a war against the trolls. There is a very good epic feeling in Nattfodd and there are some folk points in some songs. All the guys play their parts in the band very well and give a very good result.
The digi-pack cover of the CD also includes the mini-CD Trollhammaren which has the homonymous song that is also in the album and another four songs.
I would like to seem them play live but I think that it is quite a bit difficult for them to come to Greece. Anyway. Maybe one day I'll go to see them in Finland (I hope that they will still be playing with Ensiferum).
Nattfodd is a very good album and everyone should listen to it. Everyone else who is interested in a different kind of Black Metal may give it a try.

4 Star Rating

Fiskarens Fiende
Det Iskalla Trollblodet
Grottans Barn
Trollhorn - Keyboards
Routa - Guitar
Wilska - Vocals
B. Dominator - Drums
Skrymer - Guitar
Tundra - Bass
Record Label: Spinefarm Records


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