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Finnugor - Darkness Needs Us (CD)

Darkness Needs Us
by Andrew Bregoulas at 28 July 2004, 10:06 PM

Here is one release from the unknown Finnugor. Maybe the band's name doesn't tell you anything but the musicians who are behind this album are very famous persons in our Metal genre.
I supose Finnugor means Finnish-Hungarian or something like that and they play symphonic Black Metal. For a majority of people the first thing that would probably come in mind would be a Cradle Of Filth or a Dimmu Borgir clone. Well, in this case they're completely wrong. Finnugor's music is a combination of epical Black melodies (like Ancient Rites) mixed with a true Black Metal agressiveness.
This album is like a soundtrack for a horror movie. With a lot of keybords to do this soundtrack even more interesting. In this album though I found one thing that I don't like. All the vocals done by the guest musicians are a little too similar and I think that they could have been done by one singer even though I'm sure that all the guest musicians tried to deliver their best.
Darkness Needs Us is a very good symphonic Black Metal album for the fans of all sorts of Metal, not only for the Blak Metal freaks. Not bad but not nothing that original.

2 Star Rating

Darkness Needs Us
Lord Of The Darkest Freddom
Hand Of Light
Vigour Of The Dead
Wings Of Kryy
Bearer Of Moonolight Decay
Lycanthropic Devastation
Fire-Raiser Of Devastation
We Came Back With The Nightfall
Our Blood Is The Ocean
Forest Of Bane
Wings Of Kryy
Godslayer N. Vassago - Guitars, Bass, Synths & Drums
Gabriel Wolf - Gothic Instruments
Guest Members:
Attila Csihar (Aborym, Tormentor, Keep Of Kallesin, Mayhem) - Vocals on track 1
Ville Sorvail (Moonsorrow) - Vocals on track 2
Wircki (Hin Onde) - Co-composer on track 2
Frederic Mercier aka AOD (Dagorlad) - Vocals on track 3
Peter Meynckens (Axamenta, Butcher) - Vocals on track 6
Sture Dingsoyr (Windir, Ulcus) - Vocals on track 8
Marcus Ehlin (Siebenburgen) - Vocals on track 9
Christopher B. Wildman (Asgaroth) - Vocals on track 11
Rms Hreirmarr (Anorexia Nervosa) - Vocals on track 12
Morfeus (Limbonic Art) - Remixed version of Wings Of Kryy
Record Label: Adipocere Records


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