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Fir Bolg - Towards Ancestral Lands

Fir Bolg
Towards Ancestral Lands
by Manel Lilioth at 23 May 2013, 1:32 PM

A French Black Metal sound revealed itself again through Schwarzdorn Productions on Metal Temple with the same solitary project band FIR BLOG, but this time with a full length album called “Towards Ancestral Lands”.

Extremely Pagan, in the bona fide manner of BURZUM, like one man bedroom brooding novices bordering on genius yet hell bent on racial purity and existentialism. Enter- FIR BOLG as another candidate in the far beyond sell by date of low budget epic Viking Metal. Compositionally linear, revamping nearly every trademarked chord that Varg ever dreamed up FIR BOLG scours very familiar terrain. This release is a combination between early wave of Black Metal and Celtic music which it us gives a different impression of Scandinavian tempos. However, this passionate journey into Celtic mythology contains in most of his titles the fast black metal stormy leads, monotonous drum pattern, single pitch shrieked vocals “Behind The Great Oppidum”, “King Of Wallachia” and “Mag Tuired” along with these usual artillery of distorted riffs, raspy vocals, tremolo picking there’s an atmospheric, evil and an epic pagan environmental side: starting with the short instrumental intro melodic heavy guitar riffs synchronized with fast drum beats. The harmonies are well balanced by making a crafty use of distorted arpeggios. One can find some musical breaks here and there too after listening to “Banshees”,  Dagoth is gracing the sonic structure with cool acoustic leads and arpeggios it’s pleasant to the ear and for a second you think yourself a warrior with a warrior with a sheath and a sword on Germany's hills.

The artwork cover is very primitive designed but it has a story to tell about the old mythical eras it suits the band logo and project. Although, I can’t stop thinking that it is high form of imitation looking for perfection and that’s one of his weakness. Also, we never know he could perform his material one day from imitation to innovation. 

2 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Behind The Great Oppidum
3. Blood Heritage
4. Banshees
5. King Of Wallachia
6. Strong Old Megaliths
7. Final Battle Of The Frozen Lake
8. Mag Tuired
9. Dan Aengus
Dagoth – Lyrics / Composer / Vocals / Bass / Guitars / Drum Programming.
Record Label: Schwarzdorn Productions


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