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Fire At Dawn - Fire At Dawn

Fire At Dawn
Fire At Dawn
by Luke Bravin at 27 October 2014, 11:23 PM

So, Essex 5 piece Rock band, FIRE AT DAWN has just released their new self-titled EP, with 5 original tracks on. I’ve got to give it to them; they’re a hard working band from what I’ve heard and they only formed in January 2013, and managed to gather quite a large fan base in the first 3 to 4 months, and by large, I mean in terms of a band that have only been going for so long.

Now, as far as the influences go, they have some decent influences like ALTER BRIDGE, EVANESCENCE, MUSE, FOO FIGHTERS and many more, but I’m going to have to give this EP a big thumbs down, ‘cause holy hell did it bore me.

The 3rd track, “Light” was depressing as hell, and even the upbeat intro to “Choose Me” had a very saddening melody to it. You can tell this band have been heavily influences by EVANESCENCE, which I’m far from a fan of.

I wish I could point out the pros of this EP but the overall feel of the songs just make that near impossible for me. Now, when I’m given a review for a band I wouldn’t otherwise listen to, I try to place myself in the shoes of a person who would listen to said band and if I was a fan of this kind of alternate music, I don’t really know what I’d say, but they have quite a decent sized fan base and other reviews of this EP seem to give it a thumbs up, some people give it a 5/10, meaning they’re stuck in the middle (is it good, is it bad?) and some give it my verdict – a thumbs down.

Now, never forget that reviews are simply other people’s opinions of something, and there are no wrong or right reviews/opinions, so all I can say is if you like MUSE, EVANESCENCE and bands like them then give this EP a listen.

1 Star Rating

1. Bad Trip
2. Choose Me
3. Light
4. On Me
5. Run
Brad Winter - Guitars
Roman Drummond - Drums
Lloyd Entwistle - Bass
Ross Turbz - Guitars
Victoria Walker - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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