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Fire Strike - Slaves of Fate Award winner

Fire Strike
Slaves of Fate
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 25 November 2017, 9:03 AM

Old School Metal genres bands form a trend that took over the entire world since the beginning of this century. There’s nothing wrong with playing in such a way, but the bands must have something new on their musical work to be different from what was already done. To be just someone copying what is already on discs is a gross loss of time. Brazil has a good school on this tendency, and the quintet FIRE STRIKE, from São Paulo, is a very good name. Their first Full Length, called “Slaves of Fate”, is here to prove my words.

Their style is focused on those tendencies of traditional Heavy Metal from NWOBHM and German School from the beginning of the 90s. You can feel the influence of names as IRON MAIDEN, ACCEPT, WARLOCK, JUDAS PRIEST on their work, but they play in a way that shows that they are not a carbon copy of these names. No, they try something on their own, and they show potential and personality in this way.

We can assume that their secret for making “Slaves of Fate” such good album is on the sound production. Andria Busic (former member from DR. SIN and a well-known musical producer) worked with them, building a dry and very good sonority. All the instruments can be heard and understood, with very good instrumental tunes. We can say that their Old School style fits on the modern devices on the production.

Andria Busic made backing vocals on “Reach for Your Life”, “Streets of Fire” and “Our Shout is Heavy Metal”, and played acoustic guitars on “Losing Control”; his brother, Ivan Busic (also a former member of DR. SIN) made the epic narration on “Eletric Sun”, and Pedro Zuppo made vocals on “Master of the Seas”. These are the guests that appear on “Slaves of Fate”.

FIRE STRIKE musical work is mature, but can evolve even more. By now, songs as “Master of the Seas” (that is filled with excellent and energetic melodies from guitars and an excellent work from vocals), the heavy and abrasive musical power heard on “Slave of Your Fate” (the tempos are a bit slower, but the presence from bass guitar and drums is very good, creating a technical and heavy rhythm), the very good touch of Hard’n’Heavy accessibility presented on “Electric Sun” and “The Wolves Don’t Cry” (both with excellent guitars on IRON MAIDEN/JUDAS PRIEST way), the heavy and charming grasp on the NWOBHM format called “Streets of Fire”, and the fine balance between energy, aggressiveness and weight presented on “Lust”. But don’t you dare to ignore “Reach for Your Life”, “Losing Control” and “Our Shout is Heavy Metal”, for these tracks are excellent as well.

I truly believe that FIRE STRIKE can do better than we hear on “Slaves of Fate” (that already is an excellent album), but listen to it (and buy it) and you’ll be seduced by their musical work.

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Reach for Your Life
2. Master of the Seas
3. Slave of Your Fate
4. Electric Sun
5. The Wolves Don’t Cry
6. Losing Control
7. Streets of Fire
8. Lust
9. Our Shout is Heavy Metal
Aline Nunes - Vocals
Helyad Amaro - Guitars
Henrique Schuindt - Guitars
Edivan Diamond - Bass
Alan Caçador - Drums
Record Label: Stormspell Records


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