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Firebird - Double Diamond

Double Diamond
by Erika Wallberg at 09 September 2010, 4:09 PM

After the great concert at Club Monster it’s a little bit easier to take in all of this music, Bill Steer isn’t only all about Gore and Death Metal. “Double Diamond” is FIREBIRD’s fifth release and I must say they managed to create an album that is heavy and laidback without being too doomy or boring. It’s really fascinating a record this relaxed and cozy still can be intense. Even if it doesn’t sound BLACK SABBATH, the whole album has the same feeling as the God Fathers had at the end of the Ozzy-era. Sometimes it sounds freakishly much Tony Iommi of Bill Steer’s guitar playing. It has that vibrant sharp tone that cuts through glass but it’s still very filthy and mean. It creates a perfect edge to the else quite gentle music.

It’s easy to draw more parallels with “Technical Ecstasy” and “Never Say Die”. Both those album includes some amazing songs but compared to BLACK SABBATH’s earlier ones there are not as many directly striking songs on them. It’s the same with “Double Diamond”, everything is really good but the things that got stuck after the first few spins were very few. With that I’m not saying the album is dull or dreary, not in any way, the album grows for each spin. No, it’s not a party record even if it has some rockier songs, the two first ones, “Soul Saviour” and “Ruined” that I think will work extremely well live but on album they’re not as interesting as the more mellow tunes.

The absolute highlights come in the end of the records. “Arabesque” is a soft slightly oriental piece with the same feeling as the RAINBOW classic “Gates Of Babylon”, it’s just a lot slower and softer than that one. It’s wonderfully sneaky and really stands out from the rest of the more straightforward songs.

Right after that one there’s the little faster “Lose Your Delusions” which also fast became a favourite. Stylewise this one is a little sprawling. It starts off with a quite fast riff and then transforms into something completely different, not at all unlike the already mentioned godfathers of Heavy music. “Lose Your Delusions” is indeed a very interesting track.

Closer of the album “Pantomime” was actually annoying the first few spins, it got ridiculously stuck, at least the title word, after a while when more things crystallized and the song grew to another favourite.

I suppose this is a mood record because my impression of it changed day by day, it’s a very nice album, there’s no doubt about that and live all these songs will be amazing. The right day this is the perfect music, the wrong day it will pass unnoticed. So if it does, give it another chance because “Double Diamond” is absolutely worth it.

3 Star Rating

  1. Soul Saviour
  2. Ruined
  3. Bright Lights
  4. For Crying Out Loud
  5. Farewell
  6. A Wing & A Prayer
  7. Pound Of Flesh
  8. Arabesque
  9. Lose Your Delusions
  10. Pantomime
Bill Steer - Vocals, Guitars
Greyum May - Bass
Ludwig Witt - Drums
Record Label: Trooper Entertainment


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