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FireForce - Annihilate The Evil

Annihilate The Evil
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 30 July 2017, 10:18 PM

Yielding the flag of war once again, fight the good fight, living and breathing the spirit of traditional Metal music. So what there is more to ask of a set of blazing eyes in the dark, ready to detonate and erupt its next fury? More power and more headbanging till one’s neck is closer to be broken. No matter what, the Belgian Power Metal band, FIREFORCE, will always seek out the next challenge, an upcoming stage to conquer, additional fan warriors at their side to gather. Their new forged steel unraveled within “Annihilate The Evil”, maintains the band’s antics and war historic themed Metal, once again delivered by the Finnish Limb Music. Before heading forward, I suggest that you would gear up, prepare your weapons of choice and look onwards to the battlefield against the evil.

For one thing, FIREFORCE have been always true to themselves and to their Metal religion and to the book. Bestowed in “Annihilate The Evil” is another example of their core direction into the heart of Teutonic Metal, and yes they are Belgians I know, but Germany isn’t far away from being an influence. The smoky scorched earth fumes of ACCEPT / GRAVE DIGGER / RUNNING WILD / PRIMAL FEAR / PARAGON / early RAGE and I might add MYSTIC PROPHECY to the blending, is quite noticeable in the depths of the songs, sound and production values. Of course that there is also the overall British Metal effect al’a the melodic signatures of IRON MAIDEN and the robustness of JUDAS PRIEST. Essentially, “Annihilate The Evil” displays FIREFORCE as a constant band that doesn’t hold back anything in their music, delivering a harder than steel crunchy sounded riffs, occasionally taking on the speeding course, bursting with flaming energies while intensifying each of the songs’ moments of truth with impeccable soloing abilities.

Probably one of the album’s chief downers is the fact that while sticking firmly to their own thing, which they have been doing since their previous DOUBLE DIAMOND incarnation, several of the songs sounds almost identical to one another, same repetitive form that shares good qualities, yet losing interest rather fast. Furthermore, at times it seems that Filip "Flype" Lemmens is a bit struggling with his voice. I like the raspy tones, almost Rolf Kasparek oriented vocal pattern, with higher noted shrieks from time to time, yet it is hard to escape the idea that there is a form of weariness. Either way, I see no other vocalist suitable to lead this band’s theme, sound and essence.

Even though there is that repetitious sense surging the songs, as mentioned earlier in the previous paragraph, “Annihilate The Evil” still gives enough the reasons to take pleasure in a good solid Metal. “Revenge In Flames” conveys bombastic melodic Metal determination, a true catchy iron fist raised in the air while its follower “Fake Hero” lives up to be a sort of a modern RUNNING WILD mid-tempo, taking on the Teutonic grandeur in full swing. The historical “Thyra's Wall” crushes with ample Speed Metal, classic riffery and aggressive attitude. “Defector (Betrayer Of Nations)” relays the story of a defector, I could only guess during the cold war, displaying an amazing main riff and a heartfelt chorus. “The Iron Brigade” is constantly firing the guns, fighting the never ending fight for the greater good of Metal, an energetic speedy Power Metal that wouldn’t shame previous classics. Lastly, there is the cover for ROLLING STONES“Gimme Shelter”. It was no less than a good choice to have this version featured in the new album, even if as its bonus. I think it is one of the best covers I have heard to this song, FIREFORCE putting on their fist on the old hit, breathing extra life into it.

“Annihilate The Evil” isn’t deprived of intensity, a fearless album that elbows modern trends and kicking out anything that isn’t true to form. This is a solid release that is recommended for any Metalhead that refers to him/herself as that.    

3 Star Rating

1. The Boys From Down Under
2. Revenge In Flames
3. Fake Hero
4. Dog Soldiers
5. Oxi Day
6. Thyra's Wall
7. Defector (Betrayer Of Nations)
8. The Iron Brigade
9. White Lily (Okhotnik)
10. Iron, Steel, Concrete, Granite
11. Herkus Mantas
12. Gimme Shelter (Rolling Stones Cover)
Filip "Flype" Lemmens - Vocals
Erwin Suetens - Guitars
Thierry "T-Warrior" Van Der Zanden - Guitars
Serge Bastaens - Bass
Jonas Sanders - Drums
Record Label: Limb Music


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