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FireProven – Self-Titled

by Cory A. Jones at 30 January 2012, 9:28 PM

FIREPROVEN describe themselves as a “unique semi Avant-Garde Metal band from Finland in the cities of Kajaani and Joensuu” The formed in 2008 and set about trying to create “Metal music with no limits”. To be completely honest; I found nothing unique or Avant-Garde about FIREPROVEN on this self-titled debut EP, but I do see a bright future for this band if they do manage to create a sound as unique and avant-garde as the claim to be.

They kind of sound like a Power Metal Band had sex with a Black Metal band at a Piano recital and gave birth to this weird hybrid. While that might sound unique on paper; the result sounds all too familiar to me. There is a lot of talent in this band though, and they are definitely doing something pretty cool here. I just think they need to make a few changes before their full potential can be realized.

The biggest downfall for FIREPROVEN on this EP is in the vocals. Juha Vaatamoinen should seriously consider taking a background vocal position and recruiting a better singer. The reason is because his vocals are not only scratchy, annoying, and unintelligible; as is common with these types of vocalists, but it also comes across much uninspired. It basically sounds like this annoying screaming is only there because the band feels like it should be. If this EP was all instrumental, it probably would have been considerably better. I also think that the guitars lack the kind of powerful presence that make the EP sound a lot better. The riffs are cool, but fall a little flat in the mix.

On the positive side; I really dug the use of pianos and synths as I found them to be the real backbone of the music. Some of the riffs are really solid, and are well arranged. The drums are a little weak, but they are pretty well mixed and keep the pace effectively. I really complain about much outside of the vocals, which I really do feel are the big weakness of this band. The best track in my opinion is “Ghost in the Machine” as it features some solid guitar work re-enforced by the creative use of piano. I definitely dug that.

It’s only a 3 song EP, and it’s available for free on their website, so there really isn’t anything to factor in as far as value goes. I’m glad too because no matter how much I liked about the band’s musical style; having to listen to those annoying vocals for a full-length album would have been hard to endure. It’s only 3 tracks though, so it’s worth a listen if you’re looking for something a little different.

3 Star Rating

1. The Ouroboros Cycle
2. Ghost In The Machine
3. Silent Burnings
Nuutti Hannula- Drums
Ilari Hannula- Keyboards
Janne Väätämöinen- Guitars
Juha Väätämöinen- Bass & Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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