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FireWalkWithMe – The Eternal Black Rainbow Award winner

The Eternal Black Rainbow
by Dave Nowels at 16 July 2019, 3:33 PM

FIREWALKWITHME's debut album is titled “The Eternal Black Rainbow”, and yeah, that title is pretty representative of what the band is presenting within. There's a lot to take in here, and I have a feeling I may interpret things differently with each subsequent listen; but ultimately, I thinks that's a good thing, so kudos to the band, as I think that's what they intended. The band is comprised of some of Austin's best young talents. Centered around Jason Reece's anarchistic drums, Jason Westbrook's stunnng harmonic bass lines, Christian Kyle's ascendant style guitar runs and Rich Mendez's vocals brimming with passion.

For those not familiar, Reece is also the drummer of ..AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD, also of Austin. So yeah, there's definitely a distinctive feel, and an influence is undeniable. Not that the band even attempts to deny it. Hell no, they embrace that influence, and celebrate it, all while creating their own distinct stamp on the Austin music scene. The band presents a Alternative Rock vibe underscored by a Punkish bravado with a healthy dose of Modern Metal/Metalcore rounding out the edges. While listening through “The Eternal Black Rainbow” the first time I couldn't help but think of THEM CROOKED VULTURES more than a few times.

The songwriting here is as bold and adventurous as the music proves to be. This is a band that's decided to take chances, damn the consequences. “Swallowed By the Sea”, though doubtful to get any type of radio play, is simply a modern heavy music masterpiece. It's complex, daring and diverse. “My Roots Run Deep Within the Earth” swells on a wave of simple punkish glory that still relishes in the complexities that give the song it's real power. Each song was a highlight in and of itself, but real standouts for me also included the soaring heights of “A Tired God Looks On”, and the full on rage of “Ships of Antikythera”. As I indicated, this is going to be an album that continues to reward the listener with each subsequent listen. Do yourself a favor, and get in now. Be one of the people that can say you were there from the very beginning. This is going to be a pretty special ride.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. This Is How It Ends Intro
2. A Tired God Looks On
3. Before I Disappear
4. A Song About Death
5. Ships of Antikythera
6. Still Life in Photography
7. My Roots Deep Within The Earth
8. Swallowed By the Sea
9. This Is How it Ends Outro
Jason Reece - Drums
Christian Kyle - Guitar
Jason Westbrook - Bass Guitar
Rich Mendez - Guitar, Vocals
Record Label: Velvet Coffin


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