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Firewind - Few Against Many

Few Against Many
by Fede "FedeRock" Taich at 14 May 2012, 10:39 PM

FIREWIND are no stranger to the Heavy Metal world of 2012. With 8 studio albums, a live DVD and lots of gigs and tours over the last 15 years the band has been around, FIREWIND have definitely made a name to themselves in the Metal scene as one of the new torch holders of Heavy Metal.

“Few Against Many”, their latest studio effort, is still going in the same heavy, riff based double bass and melodic vocals direction. Right from the first song “Wall Of Sound“ that starts with an awesome Synth part done by the amazing guitarist / keyboardist Bob Katsionis we’re drove into a wall of sound full of big guitars, big drums, big Synth pads powerful bass and if it’s not enough for you Apollo’s powerful and melodic vocals on top.

The album is a little heavier and old school than “Days Of Defiance” the guitar riffs are not as fast and more like Heavy Metal driven. I would even say Power driven; this time around FIREWIND reminded me a more German Metal feels al’a ACCEPT, HELLOWEEN, BLIND GUARDIAN and PRIMAL FEAR, an over the top power beast that sometimes sounds a little tough than the vocals. I definitely think this time they found the perfect match between the melodic vocals and the aggression of the music. Even on songs like the album’s title “Few Against Many” that starts with a drum double bass intro and then followed into a guitar driven Metal fury that delivers the verse while the chorus displays catchiness and fine melody that fits perfectly with Apollo’s vocals.

Now it’s the time to talk a little about the musicians here. Gus is no stranger to what has been going on in the Metal world and in my opinion he’s one of the best guitarist that came out in the last 15 years. Playing in DREAM EVIL, MYSTIC PROPHECY, OZZY OSBOURNE and FIREWIND, the man has his own distinctive powerful sound, he’s an amazing lead guitarist, composer and just and all around guitarist that knows exactly what to play, where and when. Bob is another monster player, playing keys and guitar, producing and writing, this dude does it all and perfect. Jo, the new addition on drums fills the music with groove and power not overdoing parts and letting the others shine and Petros just fills the low end of the mix like a Metal bass player should . Apollo is still great, what can I say more, it’s not common today to hear a good melodic singer and he’s doing it excellent and with a touch of raw in his voice that just makes the FIREWIND sound sounds big and powerful.

Production wise the album sound great not too compressed, you can hear every note because the guitar and keys and bass sound amazing and the vocals are high and in your face as they should in Heavy Metal. In conclusion, great album, in my opinion FIREWIND’s best ever though it’s not a masterpiece and the album it’s not bringing something new to the table. This band shows that u can progress from album to album even if some of the players are busy with other stuff, FIREWIND take their music very seriously and it’s being shown right here.

4 Star Rating

1. Wall Of Sound
2. Losing My Mind
3. Few Against Many
4. The Undying Fire
5. Another Dimension
6. Glorious
7. Edge Of A Dream
8. Destiny
9. Long Gone Tomorrow
10. No Heroes, No Sinners
Apollo Papathanasio- Vocals
Gus G.- Guitars
Petros Christo- Bass
Bob Katsionis- Keyboards, additional Guitars
Jo Nunez- Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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