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Firewind - The Premonition (CD)

The Premonition
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 28 March 2008, 9:52 AM

Gus has managed to earn my respect because he battled his way up from the very beginning, with the kind support of David T. Chastain, and by making quite a fuss around his name during the DREAM EVIL days. Gus worked his ass off when he was simultaneously with MYSTIC PROPHECY and NIGHTRAGE and also working on his band FIREWIND. When things became too much for him and FIREWIND started being more demanding Gus made his choice and quitted everything to work on his brainchild.
From that day, FIREWIND have been gaining a great deal of publicity points with albums like Burning Earth (especially in Japan) and Forged In Fire. The latest FIREWIND album managed to impress with since they decided to get some distance from the predictable Euro Power sound towards to more classic patterns. Adding to that, was the excellent vocals of Apollo Papathanasio and the trademark keyboard melodies of Bob Katsionis that created a very good album. So, the Greek band returns with The Premonition just before they embark on the European tour supporting KAMELOT and on the North American one with ARCH ENEMY and DARK TRANQUILITY.
Into The Fire opens the album with some clean guitar arpeggios that share the same atmosphere with METALLICA's Battery but this lasts only some seconds. The track continues with the classic (yes I can use this word here) FIREWIND sound and that is fast shredding and catching guitar licks while Apollo comes with his powerful vocals to sign the European sound ancestry. Gus stays away from the egocentric guitar virtuoso profile and gets “advantage of Katsionis' skills who lays down some really nice keyboard melodies. The guitar driven Head Up comes next with a Heavy Metal sound in the vein of DIO while Mercenary Man could remind you something from the VAN HALEN sound. I think by mixing their influences from the 80s period to their European point of view have managed to create a sound of their one. Indeed, the most melodic Angel Forgive with Bob's signature or the fast tempo in Remembered with the ANNIHILATOR-like clean guitar break kind of underline my previous saying. There in absolutely no doubt on FIREWIND's composing potentials with songs like Cirlcle Of Life, the power ballad My Lonelineess or their excellent cover version on Michael Sembello's Maniac from the Flashdance soundtrack. Here the keyboards hold the leading role while Apollo proves his worth on the higher pitches and Gus spice things up with another great solo.
It seems that FIREWIND continue to improve themselves by producing better and better albums. If you are familiar to this band then you will understand what I am talking about; but if you are not and you are a fan of the classic Heavy Metal sound then go ahead and check them!  You can get a taste of FIREWIND by watching below the video Breaking The Silence from the latest and homonymous maxi single.

4 Star Rating

Into The Fire
Head Up High
Mercenary Man
Angels Forgive Me
My Loneliness
Circle Of Life
The Silent Code
Life Foreclosed
Apollo Papathanasio - Vocals
Gus G. - Guitars
Petros Christo - Bass
Bob Katsionis - Keyboards
Mark Cross - Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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