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Firewolfe - Conquer All Fear

Conquer All Fear
by Craig Rider at 25 January 2022, 6:26 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: FIREWOLFE; signed via Limb Music, hailing from the United States of America - performing Heavy Metal, on their 3rd album entitled: “Conquer All Fear” (released November 19th, 2021). Since formation in 2010; the quintet in question have 2 Singles entitled: “Vicious As The Vipor” (released October 1st, 2021) & “Pedal To Metal” (released October 22nd, 2021). Among 3 Full-length albums in their discography so far entitled: “FireWolfe” (released July 22nd 2011), “We Rule The Night” (released October 331st, 2014) & this record of which I am introduced to entitled: “Conquer All Fear”. 10 tracks ranging at around 49:07; FIREWOLFE arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Heavy Metal developments.

Opening up with this boisterously bouncy calamity of rumbling reverb & trailblazing rhythms, “Vicious As The Viper” unleashes this blistering barrage frenzy on some vibrantly potent tonalities that rip with thunderous stability. Synergetic yet twinning guitar frets from duo Michael David & Nick Layton persist with rapidly swift nimbleness, razor-sharp thuds among a dexterously dynamic foundation on rampantly rompy remedy that manifests with slaying grinds and lacerating soars that showcase a borderline element on wildly rushing substance. Organic perseverance revels with jumpy punchiness, momentous strikes & sonically seamless melody while this quintessential virtuosity stampedes with concrete grit, galloping firepower expertise and diligently detail aesthetics in chiseling bombardments as bulldozing blitzkrieg floors the stage with revving overdoses of mettle, especially in the relentlessly frantic Heavy Metal anthem: “Pedal To Metal”.

Consisting of Freddy Krumins the front man excels at a clean but rawly rough process of pipes that roar with high-octane yells, shouty throatiness & primitive screams that bellow fluidly with profusely robust singing that reminds me of Biff Byford from SAXON overlords with sulfurous ramification. The titular track distills a harmonic flamboyance in euphonic heft, injecting an infectiously venomous slab of solid yet sinister maelstrom steadiness that outres with panache & old school traditional Heavy Metal grandeur. “Swallow My Pride” belts a crunchy, ballad-like bruiser - similar to “Candle In The Dark”. Both create a complex conundrum in spectral waves of jarring mobility, while “The Evil Eye Trilogy” starts off with a bang as “Wages Of Sin” drives with thumpy yet rambunctiously pummeling oscillations of pounding weight from hammering drummer Marco Bicca & audible bass piledriver Bobby Fercovich. Both surge with towering velocity on stompy pandemonium, ruthless meatiness & steamrolling grooves.

Black And Gold” (part 2 of “The Evil Eye Trilogy) pursuits with more strong trembles of piercing solos & with prodigious yet mellifluous soundness that battle cries with victorious precision, while steely outbursts materializes with silver-lining linearity but also fueled with throttling but hybrid density in experimental technicality - with hints of progressive zeal that portrays with rugged stridency to boot. “Keep The Hounds At Bay” (part 3 of “The Evil Eye Trilogy)  keeps the stampy solemnity up ten times while rampaging with tenoring tons of enriching Heavy Metal prestigiousness, this powerhouse smacks speakers with jotty passion while sublime intensity implements an immersive craftsmanship ability to systematically shroud speakers with tuneful tremor & uniquely versatile vehemence. The penultimate track “Magic (In Your Mind)” forges a thrilling spectacle on spellbinding yet volatile impact, as momentous virulence pulverizes eardrums and demands one to break chairs over other chairs in a haralding gravitation of moniker power.

Overall concluding “Conquer All Fear” with “Method To The Madness”; with its motoring transparency & somewhat monolithic tempo to an abrupt finale, a flexible fundamental finalizes this record with a frolicking end in a chugging distinctive among a distinguished premise on meticulous yet synthetic vigor - I am compelled to say that FIREWOLFE most surely outdone themselves with this one. They are on the right track in forging mighty metal mayhem that serves with righteous glory and fervor filled proficiencies which is a worthy spin while remaining re-playable, should you fancy a grandiose magnificence that majestically portrays a fascinating but courageous listen. Do check it out!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Vicious As The Viper
2. Pedal To Metal
3. Conquer All Fear
4. Swallow My Pride
5. Candle In The Dark
6. Wages Of Sin (The Evil Eye Trilogy, Pt. 1)
7. Black And Gold (The Evil Eye Trilogy, Pt. 2)
8. Keep The Hounds At Bay (The Evil Eye Trilogy, Pt. 3)
9. Magic (In Your Mind)
10. Method To The Madness
Freddy Krumins - Vocals
Michael David - Guitars
Nick Layton - Guitars
Bobby Fercovich - Bass
Marco Bicca - Drums
Record Label: Limb Music


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