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First Dawn - Final Epoch Award winner

First Dawn
Final Epoch
by Michael Coyle at 18 November 2014, 12:41 AM

We start off with the opening track “I Devastation”, from the start the song has what can only be described as a a smooth yet very electronic introduction, as the intro goes on we start to hear a very calming guitar tone take command and lead into the main of the song which still continues to use this electronic sound mixed together with a very heavy and very serious tone. As the song continues we start to hear a strong and dark lead vocal take charge of this song, from listening to this song I can tell you that there are some progressive elements fused into this songs structure, it is a very interesting song and in some way a very addictive song as for when you keep on listening there seems to be a little something for everyone.

We continue with the second track “III To the Stars”. As before with the previous song, there seems to be a similar type of introduction, though compared to the last one this one combines the use of both the synths and vocals to evoke a very cosmic sound, this is a very interesting combo when it comes to the main chorus of this track as it fuses the elements of strong progressive melodies and hard hitting Black Metal to form something so different yet very awesome, as the song continues we see that the Blackened elements takes control and forms this strong and ingenious creation.

To conclude, I think that this is a very strange combination of sound and structure, but it does work for what it is, I mean there are any different bands out there that have done stranger but in a sense this is something you don't hear every day, so I guess what I'm trying to say is that yes this is a very unique piece of music, both structured and also balanced in a way that it work. This band shows that there is such a thing as originality in the modern age of Metal music, but don't take my word for it try them out and see if they interest you.

4 Star Rating

1. I Devastation
2. II To the Stars
3. III Pilgrimage
4. IV The Redeemer
5. V Edge of the Universe
No band information
Record Label: Independent


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