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First Band From Outer Space - The Guitar Is Mightier Than The Gun (CD)

First Band From Outer Space
The Guitar Is Mightier Than The Gun
by Maria Kallinikou at 27 December 2009, 10:39 AM

It may be that the music in this album is not metal, but definitely I agree that this band is from outer space. This release is consisted of four tracks and it lasts about 50 minutes. Hell Yeah! Coming back home, all I needed was something relaxing, having a look in the CDs pending for review this band got my attention with a promising title. A band out of time and space. Yes, this was exactly what I needed.

These lads from Sweden attack for the third time with The Guitar Is Mightier Than The Gun. The first minutes sounded exactly like Assault And Battery Of A Human Anatomy from HAWKWIND that, for a second, I thought that I put by mistake the wrong album to play. Funny feelings, like approaching the edge of time to listen to the band from outer space. Is it the first? Allow me to disagree, but what the heck…

If you are gazing with a nostalgic stare back in the 70s. If you like the way bands like HAWKWING, KING CRIMSON, VAN GER GRAAF GENERATOR, PINK FLOYD sounded then, this is the release for you. Hm, just add a bit of JETHRO TULL and URIAH HEEP sparkles and that's it. Quite honestly, I do not want to put this release under the microscope and analyze it so much. It is something that takes you away, people invested all their abilities in this album and the only thing I have to say is well done.

Yes, they do not offer something new, but they offer something that is quite good, this is not a release, actually this is a trip. Melodies arranged greatly and the only thing you have to do is to get ready and press play, empty your mind and enjoy.

4 Star Rating

Demons & Haze
Turn Left To The Mexican Barbeque
The Guitar Is Mightier Than The Gun
JohanFromSpace- Vocals, Guitars, Digital/Analogue Synths
SpaceAceFrippe - Bass, Digital/Analogue Synths, Backing Vocals
Starfighter Carl - Drums
Record Label: Transubstans Records


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